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I hope you’re all having a lovely September! Here is my first Blog Blitz in a little while, one I am definitely happy to be apart of as only recently did I read the first book in the series Skeletal. A book that I fell in love with, now I’m looking forward and really excited to read the sequel Avian. I’m really thankful to Emma Pullar for this opportunity to read Avian.

This blog book tour is hosted by Sarah Hardy, over at Bloodhound Books, I have found some new loves since participating in book tours. Today is no different as I am on the second day on the Avian Blog Blitz by Emma, I am also sharing the Blog Blitz with Rae Reads, Sean’s Book Reviews, Me and My Books and The Misadventure of a Reader, please give them some love!

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Avian? Let me tell you a little bit about it;


Megan Skyla, who refused to play by Central’s rules and become a surrogate for her masters, has thrown the city into chaos. Corrupting those around her, she and her friends are forced into hiding – hunted by Central, the evil rulers of Gale City. Skyla’s desperate attempts to keep everyone alive ends when they’re kidnapped by feuding gangs.

Skyla cuts a deal and then betrays both gangs. Now there is nowhere left to run. It’s the desert or die. Her best friend, Crow, thinks she still wants to find a way to cure the Morbian masters of their obesity and finish what she started. But Skyla has other plans. She’s sure there are settlements in the desert, there must be something out there … and there is. Something terrible.  

Skyla is about to find out there’s more than one way to bring about change but one truth remains … Central must be destroyed in order to ensure her survival. There is no other way.

I am addicted to Avian! Since opening the book, I have not been able to stop reading, Emma has definitely done it again. Avian starts exactly where Skeletal finished, Emma does give a bit of background information from the previous novel but to fully understand Avian, I recommend starting with Skeletal. Gale City hasn’t improved since last reading about this city, this world is definitely very dark.

Skyla is definitely more badass in this book! I love her character, her strength never ceased to amaze me, I can’t believe the things she goes through in Avian. From the first chapter, there is plenty of action and it keeps you reading to the very last minute, which is always my favourite things for books. Avian is definitely a lot darker than Skeletal was but I knew this was coming after building a good relationship with Emma.

Emma has definitely not disappointed with this sequel, I am really happy to have waited this long to find out what happens to Skyla and Gale City. Of course, there is so much revenge and fighting for what’s right, compared to Skeletal this is a massive bonus and positive. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole time of reading and each chapter kept me turning each page.

I love how Skyla also shows her more vulnerable side, first we see her as a strong character but actually, deep down, there is a vulnerable side she’s just being strong for the people around her. Emma continues to impress me with her creativity and her writing style is amazing, I have fallen in love with her writing all over again.

How about a little about the author, Emma Pullar;

Emma Pullar

Emma Pullar is a writer of dark fiction and Children’s books. Her picture book, Curly from Shirley, was a national bestseller and named best opening lines by NZ Post. Emma has also written several winning short horror/Sci-fi stories which have been published in four different anthologies.

Emma’s latest picture book, Kitty Stuck, has been hugely popular and her novel, Skeletal, and the sequel, Avian, have been described as disturbing and not for the faint-hearted. She also writes articles for an online advice site called Bang2write and dabbles in screenwriting.

You can follow Emma on Twitter, FacebookInstagram
as well as her official website.

There are a lot of bloggers on the Avian Blog Blitz so I would love for you to check out their reviews! Please also give some love to Emma thanks to her social channels above, I would highly recommend her books. I have fallen in love since reading Skeletal. You can also find Emma on Goodreads now!

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! I highly recommend Avian to all
those who love something a little different and Science Fiction.


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*Thank you Sarah Hardy for hosting Avian Blog Blitz. The ebook was kindly sent to me for free, in return for an honest review. The images included in the post were sent to me in the Media Pack,
for more information please see my About Page.



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