Monthly Goals // September 2018

A new month means new adventures and new Goals for the upcoming month, it’s goodbye August and hello September. I can’t understand where the past month has gone, especially as August is a five week month. I already know what’s coming as August wasn’t the best month, I know I haven’t been able to achieve them. I wasn’t able to push myself as much as I liked thanks to being super busy each week.

Today I will be reflecting on the Goals I set myself for August and creating some new ones for SeptemberAugust has been such a busy month! Who said August is quiet? Not only has work been busy but I have been up to a variety of things outside, from visiting Red Bull Racing and spending the weekend at Silverstone, I have shared my adventures in my Monthly Favourites // August 2018 here.

Before I set myself some new Goals for September, let’s reflect on my August Goals!

Collaboration Month | I have a couple of collaborations lined up but unfortunately, not as many as I would have liked! I am happy with the collaborations I have organised but also some companies have contacted me after emailing them some time ago. I’m pretty excited about these, it’s always good to work with a brand.

Attend World Endurance Championship | Done! I was super excited to visit Silverstone for the World Endurance Championship. I have definitely missed this event and it lived up to what I remembered.

Plan August & September Content | Done! Thankfully I was able to finally get some ideas planned and written for August, now I’ve moved to September. I have a couple planned thanks to the collaborations but I still need more. I am hoping to have a good weekend of searching and planning soon.

Comment on Blog Posts | I participated in quite a few blog comment pods at the beginning of the month but unfortunately, even though I commented on what seemed like all the posts and then some, I didn’t receive much back. This is one of the only reasons I dislike the blogging community, I feel like you don’t have much in return. Throughout September I am going to continue this and hopefully, have some returned comments.

Increase Twitter Stats | My Twitter stats were a mixed page in August, overall I improved from July but not massively! I am in a healthy place with my Twitter and I am going to push myself, I would love to reach 3.5k followers soon. I have been wanting this goal for a while now, I am currently 26 followers away. If you’re not already following me, please do follow me here and I’ll follow back!

Increase Page Views | I wasn’t able to increase my page views to the desired number but thankfully I did achieve a similar number to July. The past two months have been hard and it’s definitely shown itself from my views. Over the coming months, I am going to push myself to be where I was May/June maybe even this time last year.


Let’s get to my September Goals!

Comment on Blog Posts | For me, sharing the love with fellow bloggers is important, during September I going to schedule some time to comment on posts. Instead of just flicking through Twitter or Instagram, I am going to head over to some of my favourite blogs and catch up!

Plan September & October Content | Content has really dried up for me recently, I am getting closer to having no content so I really need to sit down and just plan upcoming content. I am hoping to do that sooner rather than later as currently I only have content up to mid-September!

Attend British Touring Car Championship | September is another month I’ll be visiting Silverstone, this time around it is for the British Touring Car Championship. I can not wait to attend this one, it’s always a great weekend of racing!

Increase Twitter Stats | I had a healthy August and I want to continue this into September, it would be great to increase my followers as I mentioned above. At the same time of reaching a good number of impressions and profile visits, this in return should help boost my blog views which is something I really want to increase.

Spend Time with Family | Since moving to Aylesbury, I have hardly seen my parents, now they’re are over an hour away. During September I would love to try and spend more time with them but also my cousin and his family. There are quite a few birthdays this month, so hopefully we can all celebrate these!

Organise Photos | This year, thanks to living so close, I have been able to attend the smaller events at Silverstone. Meaning I have the opportunity to take photos in my role as an official photographer. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to go through all these photos, I am going to schedule some time to do just this! Then hopefully hand them over to Silverstone before they create the material for next season.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What is the one thing you would love to achieve this month? Let me know in the comment!


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25 thoughts on “Monthly Goals // September 2018

  1. These sound like great goals Gemma. That’s so cool that you are an official photographer for Silverstone, I hope you manage to sort through all your pictures. Enjoy celebrating the birthdays with your family too! Hope you achieve everything you want to and have a lovely month! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


    1. Thank-you Bexa! I’ve managed to sort through one lot, but there’s still at least two more. Not even half way through September so I’m hopeful. I hope so, I hope you have a lovely month aswell


  2. Great goals. Love the one about spending more time with family. I think that’s important. My one and only goal for this month is to be my best instead of trying x


  3. Good luck with your goals lovely! I used to take part in so many blog comment threads on Twitter and although I do love the blogging community and 99% of people are SO supportive you soon learn who just link drops and won’t actually return the comments. The best ones I’ve found are on @hellobexa on a Sunday and the @bloggerstribe ones!
    Jess //


    1. Thank youu Jess! I really am pushing myself. Thank you for those recommendations! Yes I have definitely noticed that, which is a shame but totally agree with you on @hellobexa. I love participating in her blog pods, those are the greatest and I do receive good comments and have met some friendly people.


  4. These sound like fab goals. I like to set some too in terms of daily page views. I really want to try and reach 5K on Instagram by the end of the year but it’s such a struggle. So many people constantly following & unfollowing. IT’s very frustrating.

    Roxie |


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