LUSH Blooming Beautiful

I am pretty addicted to purchasing bath products, bath time for me needs to be relaxing and there’s nothing better than dropping in a bath bomb. There are a lot of bath bombs to choose from and one of my favourite places to shop from is LUSH. Since trying my first bath bomb last December, I have surely become addicted and now I like picking up a small collection to treat myself.

In my Monthly Favourites // August, I shared with you my trip to Nottingham and the art trail Hoodwinked 2018 while wandering around I came across that oh so familiar scent of LUSH. I had to pop inside and see if there was anything new and exciting, I came across the Blooming Beautiful giftset that screamed Spring and relaxation. Nothing else took my fancy so Blooming Beautiful it was.

Now, shall we get started with this small LUSH Haul?

Rose Jam | For a rosier mood and softer skin

Rose is such a gorgeous scent, Rose Jam has a softer, more muted Rose scent. I am really starting to enjoy the Bubble Bars, they’re completely different from Bath Bombs and still give a relaxation feeling for pamper time. I love how you crumble the Bubble Bar under the water, it’s amazing to watch the colour just disappear into the water. This is where the scent escapes, my body also feels amazing afterwards, it leaves my skin feeling soft and calm.


Sakura | Blooming lovely

This is the second time I’ve picked up Sakura, but again, I didn’t use it myself! This is a firm favourite for Yasmine and she had to use it for a second time. It left the bathroom smelling amazing thanks to its inspiration of the cherry blossom in Japan. We probably used Sakura during the wrong time of the year as it’s designed to evoke the burst of optimism the first sign of Spring brings. Lemon Oil and Orange Flower is a perfect combination.


Sex Bomb | This bomb’s made for lovin’

Oh, my Sex Bomb is on a whole nother level, it looks amazing, smells gorgeous and turns the water into a romantic pink colour. The relaxing smells ooze up with the vapour, it’s very pleasing! Not to mention the beautiful little rose that dances around the bath like a free spirit! The main selling point for this Bath Bomb is when you’ve got that feeling of tired, stressed out and anxious, the fragrant blend of Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Clary Sage will soon have you relaxed and feeling in the mood.


Overall Blooming Beautiful will help you soothe worries and helps instil serenity, thanks to the blossoming trio of fantastic florals. All three sum up Spring perfectly and allow you to escape to a different world and have some much-needed quality time. I love how LUSH products can do this and a special part to pamper time. Both myself and Yasmine love purchasing LUSH products and trying something new.

This is a perfect gift for any occasion or even a gift to yourself, I loved each product in this giftset and it sets the mood perfectly for pamper time. I share my favourite LUSH products every so often, please keep an eye out on An Ocean Glimmer for future reviews! LUSH are starting to showcase and bring out their Halloween collection, I am super happy to get my hands on these.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What’s your favourite
product currently from LUSH?


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37 thoughts on “LUSH Blooming Beautiful

    1. It was! Such lovely packaging and will definitely brighten anyone’s day. Yes, I’ve only been using their bath bombs recently because of that very reason. Their shower products are worth while as well.


  1. I think I must be one of the only people who has never tried a Lush bath bomb! As much as I’d love to I’m just really not a bath person I’d much rather jump in the shower, however I’ve heard such great things about their products and I do love their lip scrub! This was a great review though!

    Jess //


    1. No way! To be honest, I’ve only recently started using their bath bombs as previously I only had a shower. Now with a bath, I am taking full advantage! Yes, their products are great. Ooh lip scrub, I’ve yet to try anything like that. Thank-you for your comment! Much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those look so pretty! Sakura and sex bomb especially! Your descriptions of the scent were really good and now I wanna go buy a bath bomb 🙈


  3. I have a confession to make. I hate baths. And I read posts like this and get the biggest feeling that I’m seriously missing out. I love the sound of products like this but I just can’t handle sitting in a bath (I know that’s daft). Rose Jam would be my first choice if I suddenly changed my mind on the bath situation though x



    1. Aww I completely understand! I hated missing out with Bath Bombs and I’m glad I now take baths, it’s such a relaxing thing. Rose Jam is perfect such a perfect smell and makes the water turn a perfect colour.


  4. Lush has a lot of cute products! They’re stepping it up with all of these different scents and designs. Glad you enjoy these bath bombs! Looking forward to your next sets!

    Nancy ♥


  5. Wow! This really is a blooming beautiful box of lovely treats! LUSH products are always amazing and smell so good too! I can’t wait to see their Halloween & Christmas ranges, this time of the year is perfect for those cosy pamper evenings. Fab post, thank you for sharing Gemma! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


    1. I know right! It’s soo beautiful see where it gets its name from. I know I adore the smell always leaves a relaxing feeling. Their Halloween range looks pretty good and so does their Christmas range. I know right, I love cosy pamper evenings.


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