‘Tis the Season of Boots

There’s a pair of boots for every occasion and as soon as Sunday 23 September arrived, there’s even more of a reason to wear boots instead of shoes. Autumn is definitely the season of boots, there is no doubt about it! There are no better shoes to wear during the colder weather than boots. They keep your feet lovely and warm, you can even wear fluffy socks with them.

What I love the most about boots is that there pretty much a pair for every outfit and occasion. I am pretty addicted to boots and as soon as the weather starts getting colder, I bring out my boots and start wearing them. One way to get Winter ready is to purchase some new boots, an online store where you can purchase all kinds of boots? Yes, please!

Below are some of my favourite boots from Donaghys.


REDZ Women’s Ankle Boot | REFRESH Women’s Ankle Boot | MARCO TOZZI Women’s Ankle BootXTI Women’s Long Leg Boot | TAMARIS Women’s Boot

I’m sure you can tell my style by looking at these boots! Black is perfect as it matches with anything and personally, I don’t like wearing anything over the top. It’s such a good feeling purchasing new boots, even new shoes. There’s just something about it but also prepares you for the colder months. Also how badass do you look wearing knee-high boots!

As I’m writing this, I am currently missing my knee-high boots as they’re still at my parents. Next time I visit, they are definitely coming back with me! Who knew you could miss a pair of boots? I forgot all about them last Winter, I’m not going to this year. Autumn and Winter are by far my favourite seasons, I love thick jumpers, Winter boots and cosy blankets.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Do you find yourself reaching
for boots at this time of year?


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*This post was in collaboration with Ascent Digital and Donaghys, this post does not include any affiliate links, for more information please see my About Page.


15 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season of Boots

  1. Your shoe size looks absolutely tiny!! But there’s a pair of boots in river island I’m desperate for at the moment!

    Sinéad x | 🌷✨


  2. I love a good pair of black boots. They are perfect for winter and look great with everything! They are so easy to style.


  3. It is definitely the season of boots and I’m not complaining I love wearing them so much! My favourites this year are my Dr Martens by far!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  4. Absolutely nothing better than a pair of comfy black boots for Autumn and Winter! I have too many to count now in all different styles and other than trainers, they’re the only thing I really wear! You’ve picked some gorgeous pairs here, definitely going to check out the ankle ones as they seem right up my street! I’ve never had knee high boots but my mum wore them when she was a little younger and used to rock them. Maybe it’s my turn to now, haha!
    Alice Xx


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