Autumnal Box Swap with always believe in a miracle

I recently got in touch with Samantha from always believe in a miracle suggesting we do an Autumn Box Swap! I’ve seen these posts floating around the blogosphere for a little while now and wanted to share it with Samantha. We’ve been friends for just over a year, we met online and have even met in Birmingham! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get started.

Samantha shares a wonderful range of posts from beauty, lifestyle and travel as well as her journey through remission after being diagnosed with stage 2B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. She also writes about relevant topics as a blogger such as What is DA & How to Improve it. The perfect way to keep up to date with Samantha is by following her on Twitter. I also adore every photo of hers! They are absolutely gorgeous so why not head over to Instagram and give her a follow.

For our box swap, we agreed on a budget of £20. I honestly had the best time shopping for Samantha, I knew exactly what I wanted to pick up. I am a sucker for anything adorable and I realised how alike we are. I also asked a couple of questions to get everything exactly correct. I’m really hopeful Samantha will enjoy! Before you head over to always believe in a miracle, let’s open my box of goodies from Samantha.

2019 Rose Gold Calendar | I always love this time of year, all the calendars are out to get you ready for the New Year. I’m really happy to see this 2019 Rose Gold Calendar, Samantha knows me soo well! The design is very simple but works soo well, I love the rose gold accents and fits in really well with everything in my room. This might just make an appearance in photos next year!


‘Live well, Laugh often, Love much’ Plague | Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? This is such a simple quote but I really appreciated it in life. I have hung this in my bedroom to look back at whenever I’m feeling down. This is definitely something that I live by in my life. Also, it can make for a great blog prop!


Private Collection Jasmine & Honey | I’m a sucker for anything smelly, so was pleased to see this Private Collection Jasmine & Honey perfume, it’s the perfect scent for what I believe is all year around. I’m always up for trying new fragrances and this one is perfect for me. I’ve never heard of this brand before but after a quick Google search I realise it’s from Primark and I couldn’t believe it. Everything from the packaging to name and the scent made me think of an high-end expensive perfume.


Jack Wills Body Wash & Body Spray duo | I love a good Body Wash and Body Spray, this reminds me of something you would purchase as a Christmas present, it’s perfect! Two great little travel sizes, perfect timing as well as I received this just before going to my parents and was able to take these rather than my bigger bottles. I’ve never tried anything from Jack Wills but have heard good things, so very intrigued to use! Also, this duo pack makes the perfect stocking filler!


ZEBRA Classic | As a blogger you can never have too many pens! I’ve always had a small drawer full of them, some are collected from places I’ve been and others are just generic pens. I never say no to a new pen to add to my collection, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a ZEBRA pen before, I’m very specific on the type I like. Who knew a pen could change the way you write?


Butterkist Toffee Popcorn | Who doesn’t love a good smelly for their car? I am actually due to change mine after my MOT this weekend so perfect timing! It’s not overpowering in the packet but I’m sure once I open it I’ll be able to smell it probably. Hopefully, it’s not too nice else I’ll want to eat it!


Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask Blueberry | With Winter fast approaching, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the bathtub with a face mask, there’s just something relaxing about it. I adore blueberry so this Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask is perfect! I haven’t had a relaxing bath in a while so this will definitely be featured in my next bath when I want to have a little me pamper time.


Bomb Cosmetics Honey Bee Mine | If you’ve followed me on An Ocean Glimmer for a little while, you’ll know how much I adore bath bombs. I am very happy to see this Honey Bee Mine bath bomb, I am soo excited to use this because it smells amazing! Also, the bee is soo adorable on the top, I’m very excited to see what happens when this touches the water.


Thank-you so much Samantha! I adore everything you have included inside my box, you have definitely cheered me up and done really well with everything you’ve purchased for me. And people say I’m tricky to buy for! I think you’ve done really well here. I would appreciate you heading over to Samantha’s blog to see what items I included in her box.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I know it’s something
different from normal.


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9 thoughts on “Autumnal Box Swap with always believe in a miracle

  1. Box swaps are soooo fun! I did one a few months ago with my blogging bestie and we’re doing a christmas one too!


  2. Honey Bee Mine is one of my absolute favourite BC bombs! It smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling amazing aswell as with a little shimmer on. The rose gold calendar is absolutely gorgeous and Primark scents are actually so nice for the price of them! I constantly want to pick them up but I’d end up with too many of them if I did. Love this box, she definitely knows how to buy presents well!
    Alice Xx


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