12 Days of Blogmas #4 // Office Secret Santa ft. Find Me a Gift

How can we bring tradition, togetherness, fun and magic to Christmas at our workplace in the final month of the year? The answer is, of course, Secret Santa.

Your smile suddenly freezes when you discover the name of the person and one question goes through your head, what should I get? Of course, it’s very helpful if you know the person, but some people can be really hard to shop for! That’s why I’ve compiled a list below of a couple good Office Secret Santa ideas.

Heart Bath Fizzers £3.29 The Christmas holidays should be a relaxing time, get your Secret Santa prepared by gifting these Heart Bath Fizzers. The perfect addition to any bath for a luxurious escape, they’ll put a smile on anyone’s face especially those who love to pamper themselves. Let’s hope they don’t lure you in to keeping one to yourself!


I Love Spreadsheets Mug £2.49 | Some of us love stationery, some of us love music and there are a group of very special people who love numbers in boxes. If you happen to know one of these people then you should gift them the I Heart Spreadsheets Mug so they can express their feelings loud and proud every time coffee break rolls around.

Ring For Tea Desk Bell £2.89 | I’m sure you know at least one person in the office who doesn’t say no when offered tea. This novelty desk bell is a great gift idea for them! This is a great addition to their desk, now they can request a brew throughout the day, just a quick tap and it’s someone’s turn to put the kettle on.

Ring for Tea

Solar Powered Dancing Flower £5.99 | Keep killing the office greenery? The sort of person who can manage to let a cactus die? If that sounds like someone in the office, this Solar Dancing Flower is for them. No watering or pruning required, in fact, you can even forget it exists! It will still brighten up their desk and day.

Solar Powered Dancing Flower

Origami Sticky Notes £2.49 | Every office has sticky notes but for that creative colleague why not gift them these Origami Sticky Notes. These are not your usual office accessory, each sheet will provide you with some entertainment for dealing with each task. Designs range from a pig to a penguin, a note from this person will never be boring ever again.

Origami Sticky Notes

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! It’s crazy how soon Christmas is now
and I hope I have given you some ideas.


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*This post was in collaboration with Find Me a Gift, for an Office Secret Santa gift guide, this post does not include any affiliate links, for more information please see my About Page.

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas #4 // Office Secret Santa ft. Find Me a Gift

  1. I love these ideas. I feel like the ring for tea bell would be really helpful in my everyday life. Secret Santa is one of my favourites things to do. Once one of my colleagues got the boss a bright green mankini. 🤣🤣


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