12 Days of Blogmas #10 // Bloggers Secret Santa 2018

I love a good Secret Santa, it’s a good way of spreading Christmas cheer at the same time as having fun with the people around you. Last year, I noticed a couple of Bloggers Secret Santa, unfortunately, I was too late to participate. I’ve heard some great things about it and it’s great to spread Christmas cheer within the blogging community.

We’re all one big family so it’s great to gift to one another as well as sending Christmas cards. This year, luck was on my side and I joined the Bloggers Secret Santa hosted by Casey over at casestreetx. I was very excited to join and couldn’t wait to start chatting with the other bloggers as a group message was set up on Twitter.

This was a perfect way for all of us to keep up to chat and just find new bloggers, I have now found some lovely bloggers to chat with. I even head over to their blog to read their latest posts. What I love about the blogger community is that despite us all having our own blog and goals to work towards we still support one another.

A total of 39 bloggers took part in the Bloggers Secret Santa 2018, we all have different personalities and interests. We’re all different bloggers, from Beauty and Lifestyle to Geek and Mental Health. The Secret Santa was set up through elfster, a free Secret Santa generator to organise office parties, family or friends events online.

Through elfster, we were able to receive our Secret Santa details and their wishlist, we chose our own items to help them buy for us. We also checked out their social platforms and blogs to understand what they were interested in. We were given a budget of £10 for our Secret Santa.

This year, I was Laura’s Secret Santa, she is a lovely lifestyle blogger, you can find her blog here! I decided to get her a Hang in There Sloth Mug, Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream, Coconut Bath Bubble, Green Tea Bath Bomb and Pearly King Bath Mallow. I really hope Laura likes these all!

Of course, with all the bloggers located in different places up and down the UK, it would be hard to get us all together to open our gifts. Instead, we planned on a time and date, to virtually open our gifts, we settled on Wednesday 19 December at 8pm. I couldn’t wait for this date to come soon enough!

I was so very excited to open my gift and I’m also very excited to share what I received today.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before | After watching on Netflix, I became addicted to the story from Jenny Han. When I found out it was based on a book I knew I had to pick it up! I’m so thankful for Chloe picking this up, I cannot wait to start reading. My eyes lit up when I noticed this in the box.

G Initial Candle | I am such a massive fan of candles! I love them so I’m very happy with this one, it smells amazing, I cannot wait to burn it. I’m amazed Chloe was able to find my initial, I swear whenever I look I can never find! This is perfect for Christmas with the bright red initial.


Tree Tops Glisten Scented Soap | I knew something smelled amazing in this box! I was surprised to find it was this scented soap in Peony Plum. How gorgeous is the packaging!? I don’t want to open to ruin the amazing packaging. I’m very intrigued by what it truly smells like, very excited to open this up. I know I’ll be using quite a lot.

Elf Chocolates | These little elves are so adorable! Unfortunately, one of the little guys didn’t make it, but the other is happily sat on my tree. I wonder how long for though? No sweet lasts very long on our tree at home, if these were candy canes they woulda been gone in seconds! And not by me either.


Christmas Card | I nearly missed the card! It wasn’t until I was about to recycle the wrapping paper that I realised Chloe had stuck a Christmas card on the bottom. Now it makes sense why the parcel had two addresses. I love receiving cards, it’s such a thoughtful thing and inside there was a very adorable message, this was how I found out who was my Secret Santa.


I’m so very thankful to my Secret Santa, thank-you Chloe! You have done such a great job, I’m very glad I added to my wishlist in the end, it wasn’t that detailed, as I didn’t want to give too much choice. I would appreciate you showing some love to Chloe on Twitter and Instagram, you can also check out her blog Chloe Bee’s Life.

Thank-you for reading, Merry Christmas! Are you participating in
Secret Santa this year?

Also, make sure to follow me on my blog (in the sidebar) and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Love Gemma x

The Bloggers that took part in the Bloggers Secret Santa 2018:

14 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas #10 // Bloggers Secret Santa 2018

  1. Loved taking part in this secret santa with you and the girls, was so lovely getting to know you all. Your gifts look amazing. I got TATBILB for my birthday and I can’t wait to read it 😁 brilliant post babe 🎄💕


  2. Aww, this is such a lovely thing to do and wow, you got so many awesome and thoughtful gifts from Chloe! The soap packaging is so cute and pretty, I imagine it smells gorgeous too! Yay for chocs, books and candles, it sounds like everything you need for the most perfect relaxing evening. Thanks for sharing your treats Gemma and hope you have a wonderful Christmas lovely ❤ xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


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