January 2019 – Get Organised Month

January marks Get Organised Month, a month to reflect if you’re organised and if not, how to make yourself more organised. There are many ways of being organised, but some of us certainly have better organisational skills than others. A bit of organisation can make even the most chaotic of spaces relatively manageable.

Back in 2005, the Association of Professional Coordinators decided that they wanted to increase awareness of the significance of organisation. Studies show that individuals waste up to an hour every day on average, searching for things that they’ve misplaced. January is the ideal time for Get Organised Month since “change” is a popular New Year’s resolution.

As well as January just being a perfect month and to start the New Year off correctly. I have always been told I am a very organised person, for as long as I can remember I’ve been able to organise very well. It’s always a running joke at work! I always remember things that everyone else just forgets, I’ve even been called a uber-organisational superhero.

With January being Get Organised Month, I thought I would share a couple of tips to help you get organised, both with your Personal and Blogging life.


Schedule | Don’t worry about what time you are writing a post or whether it’s three days before the published date, you can use this nifty thing called scheduling. This is a life saver as your posts will be published without you having to worry. This will help if you’re only able to give one day a week to blogging. You should also schedule all your social media posts.

Checklist | Not only is a checklist handy for your Personal life but it’s handy to remember what you need to write for each post. How about investing in a Planner, such as Dot Creates Blog Planner. Inside is a very handy checklist for each blog while writing tick everything you’ve done. Then you’ll know exactly where you are with each post.

Write Everything Down | Trying to remember things will not help you to stay organised, you should try writing things down. A pen and some paper is a perfect way of remembering things externally, and it’s much more permanent. Write down everything from shopping lists and holiday gifts to important dates such as birthdays and meetings.

Prioritise | Take a look at your to-do list each day and rank each item, from most important to least. Understanding what is important is helpful, anything that isn’t essential, if you haven’t completed, you can move to another day. When you’ve completed a task, cross it off. Only do the things that need to be done, and you’ll feel more in control. If it’s not essential, ignore it.

Thank-you for reading! I hope these tips help you to stay organised.

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Love Gemma x


5 thoughts on “January 2019 – Get Organised Month

  1. I LOVE scheduling it takes os much pressure off! I also HAVE to write everything down sometimes I had numerous amount of lists going on in my head haha. Lovely post! xx


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