My Love for Comic Books

One of my main loves of being a blogger is being able to speak about anything and everything in one place. An Ocean Glimmer is a place for me to share my thoughts and favourites, to be honest, to share pretty much anything. Today’s post is no different, I try and bring a variety, whether that’s beauty, motorsports and entertainment. You might not know this but I adore comic books!

I have loved reading comic books for long as I remember, over the years, I have taken a really liken to them. Who doesn’t love a comic book!? I would definitely call myself a comic book geek, to be honest, a geek in general. Some people like sports and others like music, for me anything geeky is a must. There are so many reasons to love comic books, from the creativity and characters to how unique the storylines are.

It’s amazing to escape for a couple of hours in a comic book! I swear they’re always too short, you start reading and before you realise you’re on the last page and suddenly it’s over. They all contain characters that we are attached to: Deadpool, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine… All of these characters have their own personality that we all like.


I’m personally attached to Deadpool, his story and personality is hard to not love, also Ryan Reynolds might have something to do with it! There’s just something about it that we’re able to connect with our favourite heroes or villains. Also, it opens up a part of us that dreams we could be apart of the story and world. Who, in this community, dreamed to be stronger, smarter, faster?

I adore anything DC and Marvel Comics, both publishers are amazing, there are so many different characters to fall in love with. Some of my top favourites are Deadpool and Harley Quinn, when I watched the first Deadpool movie I just fell in love with the character. I started reading comic after comic with DeadpoolHarley Quinn is a perfect character!


I adore anyone from Gotham City, my love for these characters have moved from comic books to films and games. Even collectables such as Funko and figurines. Also, DC Bombshells are pretty cool! Depicting DC Comics superheroines in a retro 1940s look based on designs by Ant Lucia. I have become pretty addicted to DC Bombshells and now have a couple of Funko.

I think this will be the only collection I actually complete because I adore all the superheroines from DC Comics! Who can deny the beauty of these characters? The comics are pretty addicting as well. Didn’t realise there were comics until I recently came across one, I remember sitting down and reading it in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down!

Thank-you for reading! What are your thoughts on comic books?

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Love Gemma x


7 thoughts on “My Love for Comic Books

  1. I’ve never actually brought a comic myself, but I can see why they would be enjoyable to read. The artwork is fantastic, it is so bright and colourful! I imagine they are fun to collect and find copies you haven’t got and great to re-read old favourites too. I always love reading about different topics so thanks for sharing Gemma, fab post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  2. To be honest I’ve never really been into comic books but I know my uncle was super into the Beano ones as a child, haha! My friends at primary school also used to love the anime books, too which I thought looked pretty cool. I can totally see why Ryan Reynolds would make you love something though… hehe. I have so much respect for comic book illustrators, such talented people!
    Alice Xx


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