Fancy a Brew? Shibui Tea* Review


I love a good old fashioned cup of tea, the standard is alright but the growing trend of herbal and fruit tea is truly amazing. I’m always keen to try new flavours and when you add fruit to the mix, it really livens up the mood. Tea can also be healthy with added vitamins to help you stay on your A game. I recently fell in love with T plus, the only tea to deliver you vitamins in one super little teabag.

Recently Shibui Tea gifted me a few flavours from their pyramid bag range to try and I’m pleased to say it’s time for me to share my thoughts and feelings. But first, who are Shibui Tea?

Shibui Tea was set up over a few pots of tea with the simple philosophy of sourcing and sharing great quality tea. Tea drinkers can be assured of a consistent quality product they can trust. Shibui are a family run business, together with over 35 years of experience in the industry. The teas are sourced from all over the world, primarily from China, Japan, and Taiwan.

What does Shibui mean?Shibui is a Japanese word which has no direct translation into English. It is a way of describing something which appears simple but has actually an underlying complex nature.

I received a grand total of eight different teas, ranging from classic favourites and caffeine free to Christmassy blends.


Rooibos & Orange Organic | A blend of organic South African rooibos with refreshing citrus fruit flavours.

Chocolate & Ginger | An exquisite blend of warming ginger and delectable chocolate for those reflective moments.

Earl Grey | A flavoursome blend of rich Assam and Ceylon black teas flavoured with citrusy bergamot.

Mulled Spiced Organic | Mulled Wine meets tea in our Mulled Spice black tea.


Gingerbread | A naturally caffeine-free blend with the warming taste of gingerbread.

Tropical Green | Try quiet contemplation with this blend of refreshing Sencha green tea with tropical fruits and a hint of ginger.

Matcha & Sencha Organic | The finest quality Japanese Sencha tea leaves with a coating of matcha.

English Breakfast | Invigorate your day with this robust and flavoursome tea. A traditional blend of Assam, Ceylon and Tanzanian teas.

It is very hard to choose a favourite out of all these flavours! In their own way, they were yummy.

It was nice to see a couple of Christmas blends, even though it was after Christmas when I received these flavours. Mulled Spice Organic was heavenly! It reminded me of the festive period so badly, this was the first flavour I tried. I know normally you save the best till last but this time, I had the best first.

Yasmine instantly wanted to try the English Breakfast, she’s not a massive fan of herbal and / or fruit tea but knew English Breakfast would be good for her. She fell in love! Even asking if there were more, unfortunately, I only received one but this is definitely on my list to purchase when I need to purchase more.

Now pardon the pun, but not all were my cup of tea! We disliked Gingerbread and Chocolate & Ginger, they’re just too far outside of my comfort zone. I am still making my way through them as I wanted to make the most of enjoying them. If I didn’t control myself I probably would have tried them all within a week, maybe even a day.

When I first opened the box, I was a little shocked to see each tea bag wrapped in what looks like plastic. Why would you individually wrap them? Especially when everyone is more aware of what plastic is doing for the environment, but it’s actually made from something called Natureflex, a compostable material that can be put into your food waste.

The pyramid bags are made from cornstarch, leading to them being biodegradable and can be put in with your food waste for commercial composting. Meaning you can do your small part to help the planet and environment. Not only do Shibui Tea sell pyramid tea bags, but they also have the equivalent in loose tea, just use a Tea Filter or infuser.

Thank-you for reading. Have you tried Shibui Tea yourself?
Let me know in the comment!

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Love Gemma x

*Thank you, Shibui Tea, for gifting me a small selection of their pyramid bag teas, in return for an
honest review. All thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.



10 thoughts on “Fancy a Brew? Shibui Tea* Review

  1. I loveee tea!! The flavors you got sound so delicious. I think I’d want to try the mulled spice organic, chocolate & ginger, and the Matcha & Sencha Organic the most!


  2. Tropical green sounds amazing, green tea is so healthy but doens’t taste great on its own, so I’m always looking for ways to make it nicer. What a wonderful company for using eco-friendly wrapping, if only all the others did! Great post.


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