Get Popping with Popcorn Shed*


One thing in life I have never disliked is popcorn, who does not love popcorn!? Movie nights are essential for me, whether it’s trip to the cinema or snuggling up in your duvet on a cold winter evening. Popcorn makes for the perfect addition as your snack while watching the film. I couldn’t stop myself from saying yes to Popcorn Shed to speak about their gourmet popcorn!

What is Popcorn Shed?

Popcorn Shed is the UK’s first super-premium gourmet popcorn brand, mixing the nation’s love of popcorn with new and inventive flavours and textures. Based in the UK and run by cousins, Laura and Sam, Popcorn Shed aim to bring an extra sprinkle of happiness to our beloved movie snack by mixing chunks of nuts, chocolates and dried fruit to the staple popcorn kernel to create a really unique taste and texture sensation.

I have been wanting to try Popcorn Shed for what seems forever! I love their packaging as it beautiful and really stand-out; it’s bright and colourful. Reflecting the brand personality so well. I love how the bigger packets are shaped like a shed! It really gets their brand across. Each flavour has its own colour allowing you to symbolise the colour with its flavour.


Before I even tasted the product, I was just a little in love with Popcorn Shed, now it was time to try each flavour. I was lucky enough to receive Berry-licious and Salted Caramel in an 80g packet. I was also gifted a couple of their smaller packets in the flavours Berry-licious, Butterly Nuts, Pop ‘n’ Choc, Sweet Cheesus, Pecan Pie and Say Cheese, just a couple to keep me going.

Did I ever say how much I adore popcorn!? I couldn’t wait to dive in by trying all these delicious flavours, it didn’t take myself or Yasmine very long until we dug in. The first flavour I tried was Berry-licious, oh my it was perfect. I was very sad to see the packet empty but then I remembered, I had the 80g packet. The taste was amazing, I was truly in heaven. Berry and Chocolate go very well together in popcorn.


I think my second favourite was Salted Caramel, it wasn’t too strong of flavouring just right. I am a massive fan of Salted Caramel so knew this would work very well. It was a lovely combination of Chocolate and Caramel with a slight hint of saltiness. This flavoured popcorn won a Great Taste Award 2016 so you know it is something special! Who knew popcorn could be so heavenly?

I was pleased to receive a very good mixture of flavours, allowing me to really venture out with the flavourings. There were two flavours I wasn’t exactly keen on, Sweet Cheesus and Say Cheese, for me Cheese doesn’t work as a popcorn flavour for me. These were the two that I really disliked. With Sweet Cheesus, I originally enjoyed the flavour, you get the Caramel sweetness first, but then there’s a Cheese aftertaste. This is what I disliked as for me the Cheese was too strong for my liking.

Popcorn Shed delivers some stunning, maybe a little strange flavours with their popcorn, but this is what makes them really stand out from the crowd! I would definitely recommend trying the smaller packets first, they are great for taste testing. Then if you enjoy you can pick up the bigger 80g packets to keep you going for a little longer. I adore the packaging, the brand message, the flavours.

What is there not to like eh!?

I hope you have enjoyed this review. I would really appreciate if you share the love to Popcorn Shed. To keep up to date with everything they are doing, then please follow them on their social media platforms here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fancy some Gourmet Popcorn yourself? Head over to their website now, to pick up your popcorn to add to any movie night in.

Thank-you for reading! What’s your favourite popcorn flavour?

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Love Gemma x

*Thank you, Popcorn Shed, for gifting me a small selection of their gourmet popcorn, in return for an
honest review. All thoughts are my own, for more information please see my About Page.



4 thoughts on “Get Popping with Popcorn Shed*

  1. These look yummy Gemma. I only eat popcorn when I go for a movie. salted and caramel are my favorite. But my husband loves to make it at home by getting the regular ones and preparing his own flavors by adding some spices and what not hehehe. These look so good. 🙂

    Via |


  2. Ooh you got a big box of the Berry-Licious! I need more of them! Love your stunning but strange description of Popcorn Shed’s flavours. Hit the nail on the head there. Shame you didn’t like Sweet Cheesus but each to their own. If we all liked the same the world would be a boring place!

    Great review!



  3. I love eating popcorn at home when I’m binge watching a TV show or watching a movie. Popcorn Shed sound great with their wide range of flavours. I can’t wait to try some.


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