Pamper Evening with Face Masks

🌸 Hello first day of Spring! 🌸

A pamper evening isn’t a relaxing one without a bubble bath and a face mask. I am coming late to the face mask party, it’s only recently that I’ve fallen in love. My last trip to Wilko was successful, I managed to grab a small selection of 7th Heaven Easy Peel Masks at just £1 each. I also have the Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask Blueberry from the Autumnal Box Swap with Samantha. J.

Today I thought I would share with you my face mask collection and what I’ve been loving recently. These are all a must addiction to make a perfect pamper evening. I’m amazed at the prices of these masks! It’s perfect for your pamper evening, you can get a lot for your money at £1 each. The Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask Blueberry from Primark is even less at 80p. I have heard good things about 7th Heaven, I’m very excited to try them all.

When your skin is transitioning between seasons, it’s best to be preventative and introduce a new regime slowly and thoughtfully. Face masks offer the perfect solution to this, in which using just a few choice products per week will saturate your skin with whatever nutrients you may be missing. Moisture is the common culprit, sheet masks targeting hydration are a must-have.

Currently, in my collection are:


7th Heaven Blemish Clay
7th Heaven Coconut Cream
7th Heaven Passion Peel Off
Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask Blueberry

With sensitive skin, I always have to be careful about the products I use. That’s why I love how each of the 7th Heaven face masks say which skin combination they’re suitable for. Meaning I don’t have to wait until the moment I use the face mask to tell if it’s bad for my skin. I think my favourite out of this small collection would have to be the Coconut Cream, I absolutely adore Coconut so this one is perfect for me.

Thank-you for reading. Would you consider trying a face mask?

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Love Gemma x


6 thoughts on “Pamper Evening with Face Masks

  1. I love a good face mask and 7th Heaven are one of my favourite brands. They’re great to use and reasonably priced too.


  2. I also have sensitive skin so I’m always worried about what products will and won’t affect my skin. Coconut products are always good. I really want to have a pamper night with friends now! Thanks for sharing!


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