Self-Care in Spring

Now I know to most people believe we’ve had Spring for a couple of weeks. For me, I believe 20 March 2019 is the first day Spring. We’ve had an interesting start to March, with Storm Freya gracing us with her presence. We’re on Day 6 of the Astronomical Spring, I thought I would continue the theme of Self-Care and looking after yourself this Spring, by sharing a couple of Self-Care ideas.

Last week, I shared with you my face mask collection, a perfect addition to any pamper evening. Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your routine and add in new products, also there’s something about Spring and the freshness of everything. Animals are being born, flowers are blooming and it’s the perfect time to think about yourself. Spring is a magical time of the year.

Here are some Self-Care ideas for this Spring:

Go for a walk | Winter is the time for snuggling up, watching Netflix and relaxing. Spring is the time for exploring and new adventures. There’s nothing better than watching the outdoors change from Winter to Spring, how do you do this? It’s as simple as taking a walk around your local area. Also, there’s something nice about getting fresh air and just exploring, it makes you feel better about yourself.

Get new bedding | I swear my bedding matches either my mood or the season, there’s nothing better than new bedding. Some beautiful yellows or even blue and green, those colours to brighten up your room. Get yourself some new Spring bedding to liven up your bedroom. Who doesn’t love new bedding!? It will encourage you to get in bed earlier and get a good nights sleep!

Declutter and Clean | They don’t call it Spring Cleaning for nothing! Now is the perfect time to clean your space and have a good old declutter. There is nothing better than decluttering as well as organising your whole space. You’ll soon realise there is more than one place to declutter, from your kitchen cupboards, make-up and skin care, clothes and paperwork.

Cleaning is also a great one, schedule a deep cleaning day to clean all those pesky areas that don’t get done when you usually clean. It will be tiring but believe me, will feel rewarding afterwards. Cleaning is great if it feels like an act of Self-Care for you. Decluttering and cleaning is a lovely thing to do in the Spring, I would also recommend doing this in September at the start of Autumn.

Bring Spring into your space | There are a couple of things you can do to bring Spring into your space. Put away your Winter wardrobe, say hello to Spring also put away heavy blankets and woolly cushions. Switching them for something more Spring-like can really help to make your space more reflective of the season. Change up your decorations for Spring colours and items, why not buy yourself flowers and have them on display.

I hope all of these ideas will help you to incorporate more Self-Care into your life this Spring. I adore this time of year, the weather is warmer, allowing you to do more activities and just having fun. I am very excited for the next couple of months as I already have a lot planned! From Pride of Longbridge next month, travelling to Plymouth in May and the new season of Race Makers starts in July.

Thank-you for reading. How are you going to relax this Spring?

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Love Gemma x


7 thoughts on “Self-Care in Spring

  1. Great post! I never thought about matching my bedding to the different seasons but that’s genius!


  2. These are some great ideas. I always tend to swap to pastel coloured bedding during the Spring or butterfly patterns. It’s a great way to give my room a bit of a refresh.

    Nature walks are one of my favourite self care activities at the moment. I love seeing the blooms starting to appear and how colourful the plants and trees are begining to look.


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