5 Simple Ways to De-Stress

In the modern society, our lives are more fast paced than ever before.

Longer work hours, advanced technology, constantly raising standards and new social pressures are putting us under ever increasing levels of stress. In this world, feeling stressed is something so common. One of the best ways to find out about how to de-stress is reading articles online. It’s helpful if you’re unsure and gives you new ideas on how to de-stress.

Everyone in the world experiences stress, and although stress is part of life, it’s not healthy to feel stressed all the time. Being stressed makes you feel less energised and less optimistic, which is not good. With my work life and personal life merging between the two, now is a perfect time to evaluate and de-stress.  I have been feeling it recently and I don’t want you to do the same.

As a result, I have shared below five simple ways to de-stress.

Exercise Outside | We all want to be healthy and exercise to keep us in check. Instead of visiting the gym, how about going outside for a walk or go jogging. There are some good benefits for exercising outside, for example, you are getting fresh air and getting some sunlight. I’m sure you will feel happier and energised about yourself. Guess the best part? It’s free! You will get all the amazing benefits just by walking outside in nature.

Write It All Out | When we’re stressed, there’s normally something behind it. Usually we’re over thinking about something and sometimes making situations worse in our head. What can help is to write down what is bothering you, just a simple notebook or even piece of paper will do. From here you can assess what is upsetting you and understand how it can be resolved. You’ll find it will be easier to find a solution. You never know, you might just feel a little better in yourself.


Relaxing Music | Listening to relaxing music is a brilliant way to calm down. It will help you feel less fatigued, less stressed and can make you more productive and creative. Music can range from classical to rock and pop, listen to whatever suits your musical taste. How about listening to relaxing music while you shower, while you’re in traffic and even that moment when you just need to relax.

Take Time Off | We all live busy lives. If you have the chance to take a week off or even a day, do it! Sometimes getting out of your routine really helps you de-stress. What you do in your time off is very important, recommend doing something that will calm and rejuvenate you. If you’re unable to get a day off, you can put this mind set into an evening. Instead of checking your emails or even being on social media, how about taking a relaxing bath or reading your favourite book. This leads us nicely onto the final way.

Disconnect | We spend so much of our day glued to technology whether that’s our phones, laptops or tablets. We don’t even realise how much time we spend! Sometimes it’s just mindlessly scrolling through social media. This can cause some people to get stressed at the idea of spending a few hours without technology, this is why we need to disconnect from time to time.

From time to time just switch off your laptop and put your phone on airplane mode. Keep yourself busy with other things in your life, spend some time outside with friends and family, how about reading a book that you’ve been meaning to read forever. You’ll be amazed how much you connect with those around us and the environment, hopefully you’ll feel better about yourself.

Thank-you for reading. What is the one thing you would love to
achieve this month? Let me know in the comment!

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Love Gemma x

5 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to De-Stress

  1. These are excellent ways to de-stress. I also find getting outside is a great way to let the stress melt away. There is something being out in nature that is so relaxing.


  2. These are great tips. The walking I agree, I need to do that more often. But turning my phone off is another thing I need to work on. As a blogger I’m always looking for perfect pictures or inspiration or posting brands. I do need time to log off.
    This was a great post.


  3. Next week is my week off from work! I can’t wait! It is a staycation (but I might see friends and go to a cafe) but I am ready for this vacation!


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