Review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Technology has become a massive part of our everyday lives. We’re all wanting to create a smart environment. From being able to turn on our heating with a touch of a button on our phone and with voice control, enable Spotify to play our favourite song. Today I wanted to chat about my experience just over six months in to using the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

I have wanted a smart watch for a little while, I previously had a Sony Smart Watch, but unfortunately, that didn’t last long. Also it was bulky and didn’t really look like a watch. As a lover on Samsung and Android, it was no wonder I picked up the Galaxy Watch, it connects easily to my phone and in Rose Gold, looks pretty good. I couldn’t say no to Rose Gold!

Shall we get into a couple of features of the Galaxy Watch? The strap is rubber and in the box you receive both a small and large strap to swap and change between. In addition you get a regular and a wireless charger. Wireless charging with the Watch is super easy, just sit it on the dock and boom, it will start charging. The Watch is also waterproof, allowing you to shower and even go swimming without taking it off.



What can the Galaxy Watch do?

There are numerous features. You can use it on it’s own or connected via Bluetooth to your phone. It’s really handy for important messages and can be customised to only show alters that you want to see. Further features include:

– the time
– number of steps for the day
– heart rate
– the distance you’ve walked
– the number of flights of stairs you’ve climbed
– calories burnt for the day
– minutes spent active in the day
– amount of sleep you’ve had
– how much water you’ve drunk
– text messaging
– phone calling
– the weather at the moment
– Samsung Pay

My favourite/most used features

I use the Watch day in day out, in the beautiful Rose Gold it’s perfect addiction to any outfit. While at work, it’s great to have, if I receive an important message, I can reply instantly. The Watch even has a couple normal replies you can click and the message will send. You can even write your own message but as it’s the only fashioned way of selecting letters, it can take a little time to write a message.

I love how it constantly monitors and tracks all your steps, from simply walking around the house or walking to your local shops. It’s crazy how many steps you do in a day, it’s great to have this tracker as I love the badges you receive when you hit milestones. If you’re out and about for a whole day walking around, sometimes you just forget how many steps you could do.


If there is a good distance between your phone and watch, it will continue to work and will receive all notifications. This is great if your phone is in your bag and someone calls you, the Watch will buzz until you accept or decline, which you can even do on the Watch! I always have my phone on silent so as long as it’s connected to my Watch, I should never miss a phone call ever again.

Would I recommend?

Absolutely! I honestly don’t ever want to be without it. At first, there were moments I would forget the Watch but now I wear it day in, day out. There are so many features I love checking throughout the day from how many steps I’ve walked to my stress levels, sometimes the latter isn’t the greatest though! This was a big investment for me, but it was so worth it and I have no regrets about it.

I hope you have enjoyed this!

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Love Gemma x


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