How to Embrace Positivity in Your Life

Positivity is such an important aspect of all our lives, sometimes negativity can’t be avoided. Last year, of course, had its ups and downs, when doesn’t our life do this? This year, I am determined to have a much more positive year. Where I can, embrace all things positive. There are some small changes that we can all make in our lives to feel more positive rather than negative.

Today, I thought I would share with you four ways to embrace positivity.

Doings Things I Want to Do | I know this might sound pretty obvious, but throughout my life, I have said no to opportunities because I’ve been too scared. This goes hand in hand with doing things that I didn’t necessarily enjoy doing. Reflecting back on this, I’ve realised I shouldn’t do this, I’m creating a negative memory. Now I’m only going to do the things I enjoy and with the people I enjoy spending time with.

Exercise | As part of my April Goals, I am aiming to walk 15 miles. Now for some this might be quite easy but for me, this is a challenge. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been feeling really good and positive about myself. It’s incredible the emotions you receive from exercise and being outdoors. It’s something that can help you focus, at the same time as clearing your mind.


Start on a Good Note | Each morning, reflect on something positive that happened the day before. How about writing it down in a journal so you can keep a track. Keep this on your bedside cabinet as a reminder each morning. Being grateful creates powerful emotions and can immediately enhance your mood, this is a positive way to start a new day.

Social Media Cleanse | As great as social media is, sometimes it can be a negative environment! It’s good once in a while to have a social media cleanse, go through each channel and unfollow people you don’t engage with and feeds you don’t enjoy. Some people can bring a real negative feel to your feed and if you’re trying to be more positive, then you don’t need that in your life.

Here are four ways to embrace positivity! Even just by following one of these , you will start to feel more positive about yourself. You could even spread this positivity to those around you. Negativity cannot be avoided 100%, there will always be some form of negativity but if we can cut it down in our lives, why shouldn’t you not embrace it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! How are you embracing positivity?

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Love Gemma x


2 thoughts on “How to Embrace Positivity in Your Life

  1. This is such a fantastic post Gemma, I love your positivity! I especially agree with doing things I want to do – I’ve also said no to opportunities because I was scared, so I defo need to step out my comfort zone a bit more and embrace new things. Keeping our social medias positive is such a good thing to do as unnecessary drama and negativity can really impact our moods. Good luck with your exercise goal and I hope you achieve everything you want to. Have an awesome month lovely! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  2. I have to agree with all the things mentioned. I started some gratitude journaling and it has been helping with my mood.


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