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Here we go, my first blog book tour in what seems like forever! I know I’ve been slacking on these, but recently there has been nothing I wanted to read. Until I came across R&R Book Tours, and the lovely Shannon, the brains behind this. I’ve already signed up for blog book tours over the next couple of month, keep your eyes peeled for those. I cannot wait to share my reviews with you.

I’m excited to be a part of this blog book tour, it’s crazy how much you miss something until it reappears back in your life. Today, I am reviewing Collection of the Negatives by Violet St. Karl, on the fifth and final day of the blog book tour hosted by R&R Book Tours. I am also sharing the blog book tour with Port Jerricho (Review)Eclectic Review (Review) and J Bronder Book Reviews (Review) , please give them some love!

Before we start my review and what I thought, let’s read the book bio for background context.

Collection of the Negatives Book Cover

Collection of the Negatives? Let me tell you a little bit about it;

In a world with skyrocketing inflation and unemployment, blood has become the new commodity, and the rarer your blood type, the more it’s worth. After losing her job and watching her savings dwindle, Liri is persuaded to sell her blood to ABO Blood Group. She learns she is O Negative, the most valuable and sought after blood. Unable to afford living in New York City, Liri decides to move back home.

Her plan is interrupted when a virus is maliciously unleashed in Manhattan, resulting in a citywide quarantine. Before being able to devise an alternative plan, she is secretly informed of a covert mission to evacuate Negatives out of town. Although reluctant to trust them, it’s her only viable choice to stay alive, but unbeknown to Liri, she and the Negatives are vital to activating opposing agendas on Earth.

Oh my, I fell in love with this story and all the characters! I adore dystopian fiction, especially since reading Skeletal from Emma Pullar. From the first moment of reading Collection of the Negatives I truly did fall in love, I love books that are like this. I was really intrigued by the concept of Collection of the Negatives, from that moment reading the blurb, I was hooked. I definitely needed to get my hands on this. Violet has not disappointed.

The idea that a futuristic, shady corporation could be after your blood was novel and interesting. I am one of those people that HAVE to be intrigued from the first moment, aka the first chapter. I can easily get distracted by other things but if you capture me in the first chapter, I am there to stay! Liri is such a loveable character, you feel bad for her in the beginning but then she grows. Violet wrote her character brilliantly, I’m definitely impressed with her.

The underlying drama is perfect, it really makes you continue reading, one minute you feel the book is going one way and then it’s completely changed. I love books that just keep you on your toes and different from the normal. The ending of the book went in a completely different direction! I was not expecting that, this book leaves me feeling very curious to see where the story goes in the second book. As always my review is honest and spoiler free, I hate reviews that reveal everything.

Then there’s no reason for you to explore the book yourself!

Violet St. Karl

How about a little about the author, Violet St. Karl;

Violet St. Karl’s love affair with science fiction and fantasy began at the tender age of four when she first saw Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. But nearly three decades passed before she started transferring the stories in her head onto the computer screen. Unbeknownst to Violet at the time of signing her lease, her Upper West Side apartment was the former site of Edgar Allen Poe’s old farmhouse, where he completed writing the Raven.

However, she didn’t begin writing until receiving another sign from the universe a year later. While spending extensive time in Barcelona, she learned her flat once belonged to Mercè Rodoreda i Gurguí, a famous Catalan writer, an indication that living in the former residences of famous dead authors was no coincidence, but a sign to start writing. After over a decade in New York, Violet recently returned to her roots in the Detroit area where is an advocate and proud Ambassador of the Authors Guild.

You can follow Violet on Twitter, FacebookInstagram
as well as her official website.

There are a lot of bloggers on the Collection of the Negatives Blog Tour so I would love for you to check out their reviews! You can do this by following Shannon on Twitter, as she will be retweeting the reviews. As well as giving some love to Violet and if you can not wait any longer to read it for yourself, you can buy Collection of the Negatives to read in Ebook (Kindle Format) or Paperback from Amazon. You can also find it on Goodreads now!

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! I highly recommend Collection of the
if you love dystopian fiction.

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Love Gemma x

*Thank you R&R Book Tours for hosting Collection of the Negatives Blog Tour. The Ebook was kindly sent to me for free, in return for an honest review. The feature image were sent to me in the Media Pack, for more information please see my About Page.


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