Monthly Goals // May 2019

Goodbye April, Hello May!

I hope you’ve had a lovely start to May, is the month treating you well? As it’s the beginning of a new month, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the Goals I set myself at the beginning of April. Then create new Goals for May, I’m really excited about the upcoming month. I already have loads planned! May will surely be a great month with everything I have planned.

As I explained recently in my 2019 Personal Goals Update, creating new Goals each month helps you to stay on top of what you want to achieve for the year. If you want to see what I got up to in April, I have shared my adventures in my Monthly Favourites // April 2019 here. It’s great to review and reflect each month, sometimes you even forget what you’ve done.

Before I set myself some new Goals for May, let’s reflect on my April Goals!

Read 2 Books | I’m doing really poor in reading at the moment! I need to get my act together here, especially if I want to reach my 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge of reading 20 books. I’m currently five books behind schedule as I’ve only read one book. I have a lot of different books on my shelf, I just need to get reading. I do have a couple of book blog tours lined up for the next couple of months so that will help towards it.

Walk 15 Miles | I only managed 12.2 miles in April! That’s still something to be proud of though. For May, I’m going to continue walking extra to normal, I’m feeling so much better about myself. I am even starting to enjoy it! Exploring different areas around me, I’m trying to mix it up else I will start to get bored. Onwards and upwards for May, let’s see what I can do this month.

Have a Decluttering Session | Hmm, decluttering, hasn’t gone so well. I have done nothing, even when I visited my parents, I mentioned I needed to go through everything. I really need to do this, I think when I visit this month, I will have a look through my stuff. I don’t know about you, but the months have been going so quickly. Can you believe that we’re nearly halfway through the year!?

Have One Date Night | Yup, done! Ok, so we haven’t actually gone out to a fancy restaurant, but have spent time together. Yes, we’re saving for a mortgage but at the same time, we need to still live. April has been a great month for our relationship and I hope it continues over the next couple of months.

Plan May Content | Yup, done! I have some great posts to share with you over the next month. I’m really happy and excited to share them with you. A couple are also a little different, bringing out a different side to me! Now onto the next couple of months for planning and writing content.


Let’s get to my May Goals!

Read 2 Books | Let’s do this in May, I have a book blog tour planned and I’m halfway through a book at the moment. I can do this, let’s catch up with my 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge to complete it this year. 20 books is starting to sound a bit of a challenge already, seeing as we’re nearly halfway through the year.

Walk 15 Miles | I was so close to 15 miles in April, so let’s beat this challenge in May. It’s going to be hard seeing as I’m doing so much more each weekend with going home to Plymouth and Scout Camp at the end of the month. Maybe I’ll take advantage of the beautiful location and weather while in Plymouth.

Have a Great Holiday in Plymouth | You know since moving to Aylesbury, I have really missed Plymouth, everything about this beautiful place. Me and Yasmine are going on holiday here after not being home since the New Year. I’m really excited about this as with this beautiful weather, it should be good! Also, we have soo much planned, let’s do this.

Post to Instagram More | I want to up my Instagram game! To increase my following but also, capture all those amazing memories and moments. I am aiming to constantly post to Instagram this month, hopefully adding more to my feed than just images promoting my posts. May is a good month to start this with as I have so much planned, so I’m sure this will be quite easy!

Plan June/July Content | Seeing as I’ve already got May planned, let’s go onto June and July! I need to plan July as I’m away for most of the month! I’m hoping by having the month planned I can be ahead of the game, writing many more posts in advance rather than the weekend ahead. I’ve got plans back to back in July… It’s going to be a busy month, not just with blogging but my personal life.

Thank-you for reading. What is the one thing you would love to
achieve this month? Let me know in the comment!

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Love Gemma x


2 thoughts on “Monthly Goals // May 2019

  1. Good luck with all those goals. I need to be a bit more consistent with my walking perhaps. I like reading about other people’s goals as it can be very inspiring and motivating.


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