ZBOX MCM Comic Con Exclusive

It’s no surprise I am a massive geek! I definitely need to add more of this content to An Ocean Glimmer. Back in March, I visited Birmingham NEC for the second time in six months to attend MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2019. I fell in love with it so much in November, I just had to go again! I spoke about this in my Monthly Favourites for March 2019, head over here for more.

Of course, I couldn’t go to Comic Con without picking up a couple of items! Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing a couple of posts. If you love geeky goodness, then stay tuned. Today, I’ll be introducing you to ZBOX, a monthly themed box, filled to the brim with memorabilia. I couldn’t resist picking up this box! I’ve heard such good things about them, it also always feels like Christmas when you open one.

Here is what I received in the ZBOX MCM Comic Con Exclusive.

The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Blindbox Keychain | I love blind bags! It always feels like Christmas when you open one, you never know what you might find inside. You always hope you receive the one you really want. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to get the right one! I do like this Squishee Logo Cup I received, it’s small and represents The Simpsons perfectly.


Hot Fuzz Collector’s Limited Edition Coin | I’ve seen these Limited Edition Coins before and always thought they looked great! I received one from Hot Fuzz with Nicholas Angel on the front. I love how each coin is embossed on both sides and individually numbered. Gives it that exclusive and collective purpose, it’s a great addition to anyone’s collection!


MEGA BLOKS Kubros Hellboy | Who doesn’t love building things? When I saw this Hellboy figure I just had to get it out and start building. Building blocks are such an addicting thing, whether that’s MEGA BLOKS or LEGO. I might be twenty-three, but some things will never change! Hellboy looks great and he’s now pride of place on my shelf with my other figures.


Rick & Morty Jigsaw Puzzle | The last thing I received was this Rick & Morty Jigsaw Puzzle I can’t actually remember the last time I finished a puzzle. Before I realised, this was another thing I was putting together, then I forgot how much I love puzzles. They’re definitely relaxing and gets you thinking with the pieces. Glad I remembered the whole, start from the outside in! Now the puzzle is complete and will be preserved for a while thanks to sticking the back together.


There we go! The four different items I received in the ZBOX MCM Comic Con exclusive, now not all the items are to my taste, but that’s what you get with subscription boxes. I’ve heard good things about ZBOX but unfortunately, my tastes and likes aren’t wide. I’m very specific and I know I will receive something I don’t like. That’s why if I do take an interest to a monthly subscription box, it will normally be one that is completely themed.

If you’re interested in ZBOX yourself, why not head over to their website for more information?

I hope you have enjoyed this review!

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Love Gemma x


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