MyGeekBox MCM Comic Con Exclusive

Here we are, the second geeky goodness post in last than a week! Today I am sharing with you MyGeekBox, a monthly themed box full of geeky goodness, of course, as the name suggests. This was the second box I picked up at MCM Comic Con back in March when I visited Birmingham NEC. I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but if you are interested, then head over here for more.

The first box I unboxed was from ZBOX if you’re interested to see what I received, then head over here for the full unboxing.

Here is what I received in the MyGeekBox MCM Comic Con Exclusive.

Horror Classic Mystery Mini, Jason Voorhees | As mentioned in my ZBOX review, I love blind bags! You never know what you’ll receive, that’s the fun of it. I was a little unsure about the theme, Horror Classic, I’m not a massive horror fan! But this small figure of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series is pretty cool. A pretty addition to my shelf with all the other Mystery Minis.


Rick & Morty Pint Size Heroes, Rick | It’s definitely Christmas within this MyGeekBox! I received two blind bags, the second Pint Size Heroes, these are always adorable and perfect. Within this one, I received Rick, one of the main characters from Rick & Morty. That is all I know! He is still pretty cool though, he is going to sit nicely next to Jason on my shelf.


Batman Arkham Knight Genesis #1 | I love comic books! They’re a great way of releasing tense and escaping to a different world. Batman is no different with this, he has to be one of my favourite DC Comics characters. Receiving a comic book within a subscription box allows you to find new love, I am always open to reading new material. You never know what you could fall in love with!


Gotham Series 1 Mini-Posters | I am truly a massive DC Comic fan! I fell in love the first moment of watching the trailer for Gotham, a crime drama television series with all your favourite Gotham characters. Leading to these posters being amazing, I love the small range you receive. Cannot wait to move out and decorate, these will be the pride of place in frames.

If you’re interested in MyGeekBox yourself, why not head over to their website for more information?

I hope you have enjoyed this review!

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Love Gemma x


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