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I’m very pleased to share my second blog book tour in two months!

I’ve been slacking recently but I’m back and raring to go. I’m excited to be a part of this blog book tour, it’s crazy how much you miss something until it reappears back in your life. Today, I am reviewing Beauty’s Curse by C. S. Johnson, on the fourth day of the blog book tour hosted by R&R Book Tours. I am also sharing the blog book tour with Reading Nook, The Bookworm Drinketh and Tsarina Press, please give them some love!

Before we start my review and what I thought, let’s read the book bio for background context.

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Beauty’s Curse? Let me tell you a little bit about it;

For four years, Princess Aurora of Rhone, Rose to her friends, has searched the world for a way to break the curse placed on her by Magdalina, the wicked ruler of the fairies at war with her kingdom. Under the curse, Rose is doomed to die on her eighteenth birthday after pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. And time is running out.

On the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Rose makes the journey home with her friends, Theo, a priest with a penchant for revenge; Mary, a young and talented fairy; and Ethan and Sophia, siblings with a troubled past–as pressure from her father, King Stefanos, leaves her with two equally unsatisfying options: Abdicate the throne, or get married.

From the first paragraph, I was gripped! This retelling of Sleeping Beauty felt more grounded in reality than fantasy. The friendship between Rose and her best friend Theo is so realistic and reminds me of those friendships I had growing up in my childhood. I love how C. S. Johnson has told the all too familiar story differently, it works extremely well, it was a truly unique perspective.

Of course, I’m not going to go into too much detail, I never like revealing the whole story. This is the first book in the novella series and I love how C. S. Johnson has set up the characters and storyline for future books. The twists are engaging while still keeping many of the story elements the same. This is only the beginning of the story though, here’s hoping the next books keep the pace.

C S Johnson.jpg

How about a little about the author, C. S. Johnson;

C. S. Johnson is the award-winning, genre-hopping author of several novels. Including young adult sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as the Starlight Chronicles, the Once Upon a Princess Saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family.

You can follow C. S. Johnson on Twitter, FacebookInstagram
as well as her official website.

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Please give some love to C. S. Johnson and if you can not wait any longer to read it for yourself, you can buy Beauty’s Curse to read in Ebook (Kindle Format) or Paperback from Amazon. You can also find it on Goodreads now! One last thing, if you sign up for her newsletter here, you’ll receive a welcome gift delivered straight to your inbox! What are you waiting for? If you’ve enjoyed my review and fancy reading for yourself, then sign up for her newsletter.

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! I highly recommend Beauty’s Curse if
you love a good fairytale.

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Love Gemma x

*Thank you R&R Book Tours for hosting Beauty’s Curse Blog Tour. The Ebook was kindly sent to me for free, in return for an honest review. The feature image were sent to me in the Media Pack, for more information please see my About Page.



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