2019 Blogging Goals Update

It’s great to have a Goal in mind, not just a daily or weekly one but yearly as well. I love creating Goals, I feel so inspired and it’s a great way to continue achieving. Back in January, I shared with you my 2019 Blogging Goals, here I outlined exactly what I wanted to achieve over the course of the year. Now we’re in May, it’s the perfect time to reflect on my Blogging Goals and provide an update on progress.

I know I share my Monthly Goals but this doesn’t show the overall year story. When I’m setting my Monthly Goals, I try and keep my 2019 Goals in mind. It can be hard achieving your Goals, especially if it’s one you want to achieve in one year. Your Goals can be a lot easier to achieve if you think about them monthly. If you don’t create Monthly Goals, I would recommend starting now.

Shall we begin with the update on my 2019 Blogging Goals?

Be Consistent | I would say I’m doing pretty well with being consistent in 2019, I’m currently on a total of 41 posts and it’s only mid-May! Looking back over the past five months, pretty much each week I’ve posted twice, I think even a couple of weeks have had three posts. Really proud of myself for this, let’s continue this!

20k Blog Views | Yup, doing well to achieving this. I am currently on 18,795, up from 17k at the end of 2018. I’m sure continuing the way I’m going, I will get there, you never know, I could hit 21k. I’m so thankful to everyone who shares and enjoys my content, it’s thanks to you that I’m where I am today.

Go Self-Hosted | I am yet to go self-hosted, I do need to soon as I’m running out of space for all my photos! I need to review this with my income and see when I can sort it out. I do want to end 2019 as self-hosted with An Ocean Glimmer.

1k Blog Followers | I reached the 500 blog followers I was looking for and now I’m slowly on the way up to the magic 1k. I’ll continue what I’m doing as it looks like it’s working. If you’re not already following me here on An Ocean Glimmer, what are you waiting for!? Click that blue button on the right-hand side.

100 Facebook Likes | I swear Facebook is the slowest and hardest platform to increase following! I think I need to promote my page more, I’m still only on 29 likes… If you have any tips for increasing Facebook following, please let me know in the comments. Hey, if you haven’t liked my page, head over here to stay up to date with An Ocean Glimmer.

5k Twitter Followers | My following on Twitter always goes up and down! I think at the moment I’m consistent, which is the main thing. I’m really trying to keep my content high and engage with as many people as possible. I’ve been close to 4k followers for what seems like forever! Can I get over 1k followers in seven months?

Regular Collaborations | I’ve had some amazing collaborations recently, some I’m so thankful for. I definitely think they’ve been consistent which is amazing, it shows my content is worth it. I haven’t attended many blogger events, hopefully, this will change in the second half of the year. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for these!

2k Instagram Followers | Ok so Instagram has been a little slow… I swear I receive 50 followers then I jump all the way down to 1k. I think that’s just how Instagram is! With all of these bots and spam accounts, I don’t know what to do with Instagram anymore, I’m doing all that I can. I think I’ll just continue and see what the year brings me.

There we go! That was an update on my 2019 Blogging Goals. I’m glad I’ve done this update, now I’m able to evaluate what I’ve achieved and what’s left to achieve. I didn’t want to get to the end of 2019 and find out there’s so much I haven’t achieved. This way, I can still improve and continue pushing myself to achieve. I will also be doing this soon with my 2019 Blogging Goals, stay tune for that update.

Thank-you for reading! How are your Goals going for 2019?

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Love Gemma x


One thought on “2019 Blogging Goals Update

  1. These are really good goals to have and there is a definite measure for each of them which is really good to have. No point having goals that don’t have an end point.

    Really good post – super motivating.


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