Monthly Favourites // May 2019

Hello, there June!

Can you believe it’s already June? Where on earth is 2019 going!? I’m so excited for the upcoming month as it’s getting warmer, I adore the warm weather. It makes you want to get out of the house and go on adventures. It’s the beginning of June and I’ve already got something planned for each weekend. I’m going to be exhausted by the time July comes around.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the previous month, I love doing this by sharing my Monthly Favourites with you! It’s time to reflect on what happened in May. It was a beautiful month, my trip home felt like forever away. As I’m writing this, I’m actually there again! On this occasion, its a quick break and we’re down due to personal reasons.

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during the month.

Shall we get started with my May Favourites?

Warning before I start, most of this favourites post will talk about my trip to Plymouth, it was a big part of my month. There was quite a lot happening while I was down there, I don’t think I sat still for one minute.

Let’s do this.

Homeward Bound | I’m always going to miss Plymouth, it will be two years in July since moving to Aylesbury. There is always so much to see and do in the city, I always feel like a little tourist when I come back down! Travelling to Plymouth was also the first long journey for the 3 and first time to the South West. A lot of first times here, I did find out though she’s not all that great when it comes to hills… she was definitely built for a normal city.

Not one day was a dull one, from exploring different locations and just adventuring with friends. I even visited new places that I didn’t realise existed, came across them by accident, I think I lost count how many miles I walked over the whole week. We even explored new places in Cornwall when we visited Newquay Beach, the weather treated us amazingly. I think it only rained at least once or twice, blue skies for the remainder of the week.

Also, it felt nice just chilling and spending quality time with both Yasmine and one of our bestest friends. We were always spending time with her, whether that was lunch at Frankie and Benny’s or walking along the seafront. It’s times like this that you realise just how much you miss them. Below are a couple of photos from my adventures, unfortunately now I realised there are so many more photos.

South West Auto Sport | One main reason for travelling down to Plymouth the first week was to spend quality time with our MG Rover family for South West Auto Sport. It was a great day, even though I had been awake since 6am! It was a laugh with everyone, as usual, also our stand was pretty decent, nice selection of different models and colours.

It’s crazy how much you miss something until it’s gone. Visiting Newton Abbott again was a blast, still felt only minutes from home, but then once we finished, realised it was nearly four hours away from our actual home! The best part, our club won Spirit of the Show, definitely very worthwhile. I think we cheered more than the other winners combined!

Mission 00 Bucks | May marked my first ever camp with the Scouts since joining them in October, let me tell you now it was a blast! Ok the weather was up and down but that didn’t dampen any of our spirits, let along the kids. We have an amazing team who were all very welcoming and made me feel a massive part of the team. There are too many parts to say which was my one favourite, I definitely loved Scouting for Girls on Friday evening, also being invested on stage was a big moment!

Surprise Flowers | I know people joke around when you receive flowers from a loved one, saying what did they do! But it’s nice to be thought about and receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. More so when you receive them at work, it definitely puts a smile on your face an reminds you how lucky you are.

I hope you have enjoyed this Favourites post! It’s always crazy how much you do over the course of a month. I love looking at my Instagram to help me reflect on the previous month. May has been a lovely month, with travelling down to Plymouth and going on new adventures, it’s gone past in a blur. Now we’re onto June!

I hope you have enjoyed this review! What is one of your Favourites from May?

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Love Gemma x


4 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites // May 2019

  1. I went to Plymouth at the end of April and it’s definitely one of my favourite sea side cities. I’m glad you had a lovely time.


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