Monthly Goals // June 2019

Goodbye May, Hello June!

I hope you’ve had a lovely start to June. As it’s the beginning of a new month, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the Goals I set myself at the beginning of May. Then create new Goals for June, I’m really excited about the upcoming month. I already have loads planned! I don’t think I’m home for one single weekend, it’s going to be a long but fun month.

As I explained recently in my 2019 Personal Goals Update, creating new Goals each month helps you to stay on top of what you want to achieve for the year. If you want to see what I got up to in May, I have shared my adventures in my Monthly Favourites // May 2019 here. It’s great to review and reflect each month, sometimes you even forget what you’ve done.

Before I set myself some new Goals for June, let’s reflect on my May Goals!

Read 2 Books | Tick and tick. I actually caught up with my 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I read a total of four books in May! That might have something to do with a holiday to Plymouth. Really proud of how much I read, it made me realise how much I missed reading. I read Collection of the Negatives, Turncoat, Deadpool Bestest Battles and Beauty’s Curse.

Walk 15 Miles | Ok so I didn’t have the best of months for extra walking, I only managed 5 miles. But what this does not include is all the walking I did over the Mission 00 Bucks weekend, from Friday to Monday I did a total of 20 miles! So should I count this as a completion for May? I think I will.

Have a Great Holiday in Plymouth | I had a beautiful holiday in Plymouth, as explained in my Monthly Favourites // May 2019 I don’t think I stopped all week! I won’t go into too much detail here, especially as pretty much my whole Favourites is about Plymouth. You should check out that post or head over to my Instagram for some pretty pictures of my time.

Post to Instagram More | Ok May was a disappointing month for Instagram! Even though I did a lot, I just forgot to upload the images. Now it’s a bit late, I still have a load of images from my holiday and other little things I did over the course of May. I want to upload more content but I get distracted and just forget. Maybe I should have one day a month where I schedule all the content?

Plan June/July Content | Ugh May has been so busy I haven’t had the chance to write content in advance. I thought I would be able to write quite a lot while in Plymouth but I was busier than I thought! I really need to get myself into gear, as I said above I’m pretty much busy every weekend before I realise it, it will be July. I don’t want to be missing any more weeks.

Let’s get to my June Goals!

Read 2 Books | Ok thanks to a good May, I am currently only two books behind schedule. I can do this, right? Here’s hoping I have some travel time where I can read, I’m hoping if I can book myself on book blog tours, I’ll have the will power to read. I love reading don’t get me wrong, it’s just finding the time! Maybe I should stop being online so much, then use this time to read.

Visit the Gym Twice a Week | I am going to have the will power to go to the gym at least twice a week. I am going to etch this into my brain and schedule until it’s the norm. With Yasmine wanting to come as well, I’m sure we can spur one another on. It shouldn’t be that hard, especially as I have a Goal in mind! I’m normally pretty good if this is the case.

Plan Summer Content | I need to plan up until August for blog content and hopefully write all posts for June. That’s doable, I think. I might use my evenings more effective, maybe using Friday afternoon for An Ocean Glimmer, especially with being tied up each weekend. As long as I can achieve two posts a week, at least, I will be happy!

Post to Instagram More | May didn’t go as well as I hoped for Instagram but with something planned each weekend in June, I’m going to endeavour to post at least twice a week. That’s extra to posting for each blog post! That means at least 16 posts… Sound reasonable? Let’s hope so.

Have One Date Night | Spending time with Yasmine seems to go up and down, I suppose it depends on what we have planned. I want to get back into the routine of one date night each month, I miss those evenings where we don’t worry about cooking and just visit a fancy restaurant, a girl can dream! I think as we don’t finish work until late, it would be best to organise for straight after work.

Thank-you for reading. What is the one thing you would love to
achieve this month? Let me know in the comment!

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Love Gemma x


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