Monthly Favourites // July 2019

Hello, there August!

Can you believe it’s already August? Please just slow down! Before I realise my birthday will be here and then it will be the end of 2019. There have been back to back adventures each weekend in July, another reason for the month going crazy fast. I don’t think I would want it any other way though! Also with work getting busier, that is also making my time go quicker. It truly is going by in a flash.

Before heading into August, now is the perfect time to reflect on the previous month, I love doing this by sharing my Monthly Favourites with you! It’s time to reflect on what happened in July. Thankfully, I’m able to speak about a range of different things, a lot went on and I’m excited to share them with you today, if you follow me on Instagram, you might just know what I’m talking about.

This post comes with a warning, grab a coffee and some snacks, this is going to be a long Favourites!

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Shall we get started with my July Favourites?

Dare to be Different Community Event | For the past five years that I’ve been visiting Silverstone, I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the Porsche Experience Centre. Porsche is probably one of my favourite upper-class car brands, they’re beautiful and some of the colours are gorgeous! So when I received an email from Dare to be Different asking if I wanted to attend their Community Event at the Experience Centre, I was jumping for joy.

Back in November 2017, I introduced you to Dare to be Different, the community created by Susie Wolff for women who work in, or want to work in, any aspect of motorsports. I know I haven’t done much promotion since then but there’s a good reason, as I haven’t been to another Community Event before this one! It was a great event not only meeting D2BD ambassadors but other like-minded people similar to myself.

The main aspect of the evening was the Q&A with the ambassadors, you had two female drivers, Tatiana Calderón and Jamie Chadwick but also females working trackside, Victoria Guppy and Justina Williams. It definitely opened my eyes to the motorsports industry and what I need to do to hopefully, one day, get into the motorsports industry. If you want to see more motorsports orientated posts on An Ocean Glimmer, just let me know in the comments below!

British Grand Prix | The biggest event of July was the 2019 Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Stay tuned as I will be sharing a photo diary of my time at Silverstone, featuring some of my favourite moments. Today though, I thought I would give you a quick low down on everything that happened! Let’s start right at the beginning with Day 1, Thursday 11 July.

Day 1 Pitwalk | Of course, it was the normal meet and greet with everyone who I have not seen since September 2018. We had our briefing and security talk, then before we knew we were off for the Pitwalk! I always love doing the Pitwalk, if you have ‘normal’ tickets, this is the only time you get to experience this area. It’s always so magical and I love it, these memories will stay with me forever.

Day 2 Driver Meeting & Becketts | We work four days in a row with long hours, that’s why Silverstone has introduced split shifts. I always volunteer for the morning shift, that way I can explore in the afternoon! Day 2 was the first day of action, with Free Practice 1 and 2 on the timetable. I forgot how much I love my Becketts family, we all come back to the same area each year. We know what we’re doing and we always have a laugh!

The morning was great, very busy with a sell-out event for each day. It felt like a Sunday and not a Friday! I love when there are things going on and people to speak with, it makes the day go so much quicker. For the afternoon I had one goal, met as many drivers as possible! Goal checked I met George Russell, Formula 1 driver for ROKIT Williams Racing, David Coulthard and Jack Aitken, Test Driver for Renault F1 Team.

Day 3 Becketts | Saturday equals qualifying day, the most exciting day of the weekend! It was a great morning, continuing what I did on Friday, helping customers with their queries and pointing them in the correct direction! Also being a Lolipop Man as the road was crazy busy and no-one was looking before crossing. Then the afternoon I explored the Bond in Motion exhibition, even though I’ve never watched a James Bond movie, it was pretty amazing!

Day 4 Becketts & Track Walk | Fourth and final day, it’s always a sad sight when the end arrives. Sunday has always been a long day, up before the crack of dawn and then a late one that evening. It was a great day, I tried to keep myself busy, it was also crazy how many steps I did! I walked over 31,310 meaning a grand total of 13miles! I definitely felt it once I sat down that evening. Also, I had to take advantage of being near the track and take a photo of Team Becketts.

British Motor Museum, BMC & Leyland Show | Our first car show of July was the BMC & Leyland Show, the only show this month that we did not have the 3 on a stand. Also, I still can’t believe I’ve been living in Aylesbury and this is the first time I’ve visited the British Motor Museum! It’s a great place to explore if you love cars, there is so much history there. I loved all the cars out on the lawn, it was great to view them all, it was a beautiful day with Yasmine as well. Nice weather and beautiful cars, what more could a girl want?

Sherborne Classics | One car show I have been wanting to attend is Classic and Supercars Sherborne. It’s a beautiful house and grounds with some amazing cars from American muscle to supercars, the variety is brilliant. My little 3 did me proud here, all sparkly and ready for the attention! It was crazy how much she received, loads of people were eyeing her as not many people have come across the new MGs.

Silverstone Classics | My second Silverstone event of the month was the Silverstone Classics, unfortunately, I double-booked myself so I could only attend on Saturday! It was weird only seeing everyone for the one day, also not camping with them was also strange. There’s definitely a community around being a Race Maker that I adore. Some great racing, also it was great exploring the whole circuit and seeing all the classic cars.

MGCC Saloon Day | Few, the 3 has had a couple of outings this month! Her last car show was at Shuttleworth Museum for the MG Car Club Saloon Day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the greatest turnout because of the weather but over the morning it did brighten up! It was great to catch up with familiar faces and meet some new people. Also, some of the cars were beautiful!

I hope you have enjoyed this Favourites post! It’s always crazy how much you do over the course of a month. I love looking at my Instagram to help me reflect on the previous month. July has been a blur, like where on earth has this month gone. It’s been a cracking month and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Onwards to August where it’s even more busier.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! What is one of your Favourites from July?

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Love Gemma x


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