Monthly Favourites // October 2019

Hello, hello! I know, you’ve probably been thinking, where on earth has she been?

Well, I’m back, I know it’s been a while, things have been pretty busy! But as Winter is fast approaching, I’m less busy and can put the time back into An Ocean Glimmer. Of course, this leads to a perfect timing with my Monthly Favourites for October. It was a great month and to be honest, I don’t know where it went!

It was another month of packed weekends going out on adventures. I know I haven’t shared these adventures on Instagram like I would normally, to be honest, the month has just gone past in a blur. I have my fingers crossed that I can change this for November and I’ll be back in the Instagram and blogging game once again.

Just because I’m a little excited, hello November!

It’s officially the best month of the year, my birthday month. I’m so excited for this month, there’s so much planned and I cannot wait. Enough about the upcoming month, it’s time to reflect on the previous month, I love doing this by sharing my Monthly Favourites with you! It’s time to reflect on what happened in October.

Shall we get started with my October Favourites?

TRAX, Silverstone | It wouldn’t be my life if I didn’t attend at least one car show! This month’s car show was TRAX, one of the biggest on the calendar. Thankfully, Yasmine’s car was ready so it was the big reveal and the first time on display. We received so much attention it was great! Also, the rain stayed away so we were able to enjoy ourselves, forgot how much I love the smell of tyres and drifting around Silverstone.

Bucks Big ‘O’ | You might think I’m crazy, waking up early on a Saturday for orienteering with my Cub Pack… it was cold and raining but definitely worth it! It was a great day out, even if we did have a mile diversion, oops. All the Cubs had a great time and it’s definitely something I’ll be doing next year. Hopefully, the weather will be kinder to us and we won’t be hiking in the rain.

Plymouth | It was a very quick trip but we did visit Plymouth for the weekend. The prime reason for travelling down was to see Yasmine’s Nan, it’s been a little while and it was definitely nice to see her! Also, I forgot how cold it gets along the seafront, it was lucky I brought extra layers and even a very warm beanie hat. It was lovely to be back by the seaside in Paignton.

Also, we had a date night with one of our best friends at Turtle Bay, the first time visiting. It’s a lush place, food was amazing along with the drinks. Of course, we couldn’t stop ourselves having a desert at Sundaes Gelato, one of my favourite places. It was nice to just chat with both Yasmine and our friend, also everything else seemed to just disappear.

I loved how it was just a quiet weekend away for Yasmine and myself. It was over way too quickly though.

Sweden | On my return from Plymouth, it was time to get ready for a trip to Sweden. Unfortunately, this was not a holiday but a business trip to see a client. It was great to meet them and explore Sweden! It definitely somewhere I would love to go again in the future. I love how much they love their homegrown companies. Also, the food was amazing, I loved it and there was so much there, definitely worth it!

Supercar Saturday, Castle Combe | Second car show of the month, yes, please! I was in my element here but unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly the nicest of weather… It was raining all day and did not hold off. So the day was called off as it was getting worse every hour. I did though manage to enjoy myself on a passenger lap in a Ford Mustang! It was a great experience and for an amazing cause. The day was overall still worth it as I was able to catch up with my MG Rover South West friends.

Prezzo Date | I’ve tried to go on at least one date a month with Yasmine. It’s just one of those nice treats for the month. This month it was time to visit one of the last places right outside Yasmine’s work and that was Prezzo, I’ve actually never been but was an amazing place! The food was amazing, there was soo much and definitely worth it, it was also nice to just chill and relax with some nice food and talk.

Halloween | It wouldn’t be October without celebrating Halloween! One of my favourite holidays but unfortunately, as I’ve super busy, Halloween wasn’t the same this year. No pumpkin carving, no scary shape shortbread but a lot of sweets and chocolate. It was still a good day and we had all the sweets to ourselves as we received zero Trick-or-Treaters, I think that was because there were no pumpkins outside.

I hope you have enjoyed this Favourites post! It’s always crazy how much you do over the course of a month. I love looking at my Instagram to help me reflect on the previous month. October has been a blur, like where on earth has this month gone. It’s been a cracking month and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Onwards to November where it’s even more busier.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! What is one of your Favourites from October?

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Love Gemma x


2 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites // October 2019

  1. Looks like you had a great October with Sweden, Halloween etc. Sweden seems fab ( I hope to visit this country in the near future). Are you going to do a post about it?
    As for me I loved the changing season in October and by that I meant the nature changing and the golden light too.


    1. Thank-youu yes I did! Oh it’s such a lovely place. Would love to go again. TBH it wasn’t a nice holiday, just a quick business trip so would be pretty boring. That’s great, yes I love that as well. Autumn is my favourite time.


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