Christmas Collections from The Body Shop

Christmas is a magical time. I love the scents that the festive season brings with it, there’s Winter Spice, Gingerbread, Cinnamon and more. I love when stores match their collections to the festive season, it makes this time of year even more special. One place that’s killing it this year, I’m sure you can tell by the title, is The Body Shop. I am a bigger lover of The Body Shop, especially their seasonal scents.

They killed it with their Autumnal range, they released Vanilla Pumpkin which was amazing! One of the best scents they’ve released. It’s so good I’ve even reviewed Vanilla Pumpkin twice! For as long as I can remember, The Body Shop has released three different Christmas scents. Last year, they released Berry Bon Bon, Peppermint Candy Cane and Vanilla Marshmallow, some amazing scents.

This year, I think they have done one better, Rich Plum, Juicy Pear and Warm Vanilla. Recently, I’ve stopped purchasing products from The Body Shop, such as their Body Butter but I’ve continued purchasing their Hand Cream. Unfortunately, the way we were going through the Body Butter, it was becoming an expensive route, their Hand Cream though lasts a little longer!

I only purchased the Hand Cream in each collection for this particular reason. I do though, have the Shower Gel on my wishlist, I might just wait until they’re on offer, after Christmas! At first, I was only going to purchase two out of the three, but when I got to the till the cashier mentioned they were 3 for 2… it didn’t take much for her to convenience me. Seeing as I was debating which two to original pick up.

Rich Plum, Hand Cream | Indulge your hands this Christmas with the special edition Rich Plum Hand Cream. Lightweight, fruity and so festive, the hand cream helps hands skin feel softer and smoother, but never greasy.


Warm Vanilla, Hand Cream | Put your hands together and say thank you for our special edition Warm Vanilla Hand Cream. This lightweight, vanilla-scented hand cream leaves dry, neglected hands skin feeling softer and smoother, without going greasy.


Juicy Pear, Hand Cream | Keep your hands feeling good and smelling like Christmas with the special edition Juicy Pear Hand Cream. It leaves skin feeling softer and beautifully moisturised, with a hit of our strictly Christmas-only Juicy Pear scent.


These are all amazing! They’re super festive, perfect for getting you in the festive mood. I swear The Body Shop always kill it with the scents they bring out for Christmas. Who could say no to these scents? As always, each Hand Cream leaves my hands super soft, during this time of year, that’s a must for me from a Hand Cream! That’s the last thing you need to worry about.

There are a couple of other products in the collection, including Shower Gel, Body Yogurt, Soap, Body Butter and Body Scrub. Each product will leave you feeling good about yourself and most importantly, in the festive spirit. I think my favourite scent would have to be Warm Vanilla, some people may see Vanilla as a boring and standard scent. But there’s something different about this scent.

I wonder what they’ll bring out for 2020?

I hope you have enjoyed this review! What’s your favourite from the Christmas collection?

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Love Gemma x


5 thoughts on “Christmas Collections from The Body Shop

  1. I love the Body Shop’s hand creams! This year I bought the plum version but had berry bon bon last year. Both smell delicious. The grapefruit one is my mum’s favourite.


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