What’s in my handbag // Winter Edition

It’s been over one year since I shared what’s in my backpack so I thought now would be a good time to share again what’s in my handbag but a Winter edition. I’m sure you’ll notice one change, I’m talking about a handbag and not a backpack anymore! I’m actually quite impressed with myself how long I kept the backpack for. That’s probably why it was looking a bit sorry for itself.

This handbag is pretty big! I carry so much around with me, you’ll notice that from this post. A big handbag is a must for me! I cannot have anything smaller unless I’m going out for the evening, I only own one small handbag but it can still fit my purse, notebook and all my essential items. I am a nosy one, I love looking into people’s bags and I hope you like this post too.

Here’s what’s in my handbag for Wintertime:


I’ll be here forever if I listed every single item in my handbag so here’s a quick overview! I don’t think it would be my handbag if I didn’t have at least one notebook. I received this initial G notebook from my Secret Santa at work, it’s very handy to have in my notebook. I know we’ve got our phones but there’s still something about writing it down! I am also in love with my 2020 Planner, I love the month and week view along with the areas for notes with each month.

It’s also in this beautiful teal colour that is just so me! I saw this in Homesense and I fell in love so had to purchase it. Normally I look around but as soon as I spied this one, it was the one for me. Then there’s just some essentials – comb, metal straw and my glasses cleaning cloth. Also, my simple but effective purse that houses everything I need, I love this purse style. I am so certain about my purse but I’m very glad I came across this one.


Next is a load of random but important items:

  • Face Mist from The Body Shop to leave my face feeling cool in the warmer months
  • Rescue Spray to calm me down in those panic moments
  • Strawberry Hand Cream from The Body Shop to always have smooth hands
  • Dr PAWPAW to relive my lips when feeling dry
  • Last but no means least, tissues and paracetamol.


Now one piece of my handbag that is new, my makeup bag. If you’ve read my Monthly Favourites // January 2020, you’ll know that I’ve recently been using foundation, the L’Oréal True Match to be exact. This has provided me with such confidence and I’m feeling so much better about myself. Along with my new skincare range, my face has been looking better than ever!

Now I’ve slowly been introducing new items to my makeup range, I now use No7 Airbrush Away Primer and Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara. Soon I might even do a mini haul and my first proper review for makeup, please let me know in the comments if this is something of interest. Keep an eye out for that one – may be coming soon! Also inside my bag is wipes, brush and mirror, because you never know when you’ll need a touch up on the road.

I hope you have enjoyed this what’s in my handbag post. What are your winter essentials?

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Love Gemma x


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