Enjoy the scents of Summer with So…? Fragrances

With all the wind and rain we’ve had recently here in the UK, I’m sure you’re all wishing for Summer! It feels forever away… I’m sure we’re all wishing for 20 June to be soon but it’s just over three months away. I know we don’t have much of a Summer but when the sun does make an appearance, it’s definitely worth it. It might not seem like Summer outside but there are ways you can make Summer appear for you.

We all love smelling fruity and fresh, that’s also one of the perks of Summer – there’s just something about Summer and the scents that appear. You don’t just have to wait until Summer to smell fruity, there are some great brands out there that do amazing Summer scents. This leads me nicely on to today’s post where I’m sharing with you just one brand who is killing it with their collection of Body Mists.

Today, I am sharing with you two scents from So…? Fragrances – get ready to feel Summery!

From the outset, these Body Mists scream Summer! Just look at the bottles and scents, Wild Berries and Watermelon – I knew these would both be the ones for me. I have always loved So…? Fragrances they do it well and they’re reasonably priced, also perfect for on the go in this handbag-friendly size. These must be good as I keep going back to purchase them!

I always try a new scent just to see what they’re like, with Watermelon though, I keep going back. I would definitely recommend both scents, especially if you’re after a Summer scent. What I love the most is that they’re not that strong, they last all day but don’t leave the scent lingering. I hate a fragrance that leaves a horrible lingering scent after the initial scent has disappeared.

Also in an easy to use bottle, there are no troubles with spraying. Each scent is perfect for everyday wear, throughout the whole year. There are so many scents within the Body Mist By So…? collection from those standard scents to unusual ones. I’ve yet to pick up the courage to trial Candy Floss or Strawberry Cupcake. I’m not sure about those! I think they might be a bit too far for me.


So…? Wild Berries Body Mist


So…? Watermelon Body Mist


With So…? Fragrances you can smell fruity all year round.

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Love Gemma x


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