Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds

It’s no surprise that I LOVE Samsung. If you don’t know that, then where have you been! Other people love Apple but I’m the opposite with Samsung. I don’t own anything Apple, apart from ‘borrowing’ if you can call it that, the Apple MacBook Air from work. Don’t get me wrong, I love their laptops but it’s just something about their phones.

In my Samsung collection, I have the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Watch and, what I’ll be reviewing today, Galaxy Buds. I didn’t even realise Galaxy Buds were a thing until Yasmine purchased them for herself, she told me how good they were so I just had to get my hands on them as well! That’s why she purchased them for me as a Birthday/Christmas present.

I fell in love instantly with them! I was on the lookout for wireless headphones for the gym and work. I did purchase some wireless headphones but they just didn’t last long and I kept forgetting to charge them. Wherewith the Samsung Galaxy Buds, I can go gym twice and then charge them, OK I do have to charge them at least three times a week but I use them A LOT.

There are some amazing features to the Galaxy Buds, they include:

Handy hard case: This is used as both a storage case and charging dock. When charging, both the headphones and dock are charging, meaning the dock will keep some charge. Once the headphones are getting low, just pop into the dock and it will charge. The case is also the perfect size for your pocket or bag, perfect for on the go!

Comfortable: As they’re designed to be worn all day, every day the Galaxy Buds are soft yet strong. They also fit perfectly to the shape of your ear. There are interchangeable pieces to find the best fit for your ear both for the inner ear and outer. This is perfect as my previous headphones kept falling out! I’ve hardly had any problems with the Galaxy Buds.

Adaptive dual microphone technology: One of the features I love the most is the technology within. Background noise is a thing of the past, as the Galaxy Buds recognises surroundings and will switch between inner and outer mics to keep unnecessary noise out. This allows you to stay in tune with the world around, you don’t have to take them off!

How cool is this technology! It’s a little weird at first, but then you will get used to it.

Sound quality: For the price tag, Galaxy Buds deliver stunning sound by AKG. It’s crisp, clear and detailed, enabling an enjoyable music experience.

Would I recommend?

Yes! I use these headphones each and every day, I wouldn’t change them for the world. Sound quality is great, they’re safe inside the charging dock so I don’t lose them and they’re Samsung. What’s not to love?

I hope you have enjoyed this review!

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Love Gemma x


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