5 Self Care Habits for 2020

I think now is more important than ever to introduce self care habits into your life. We’re all struggling at the moment, I’m not going to go into detail but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! Today I thought I would share just a couple of self care habits I’m introducing into my life, hopefully I can inspire you to introduce these into your life.

But first, what is self care?

Self-care is defined as “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.”

Now you understand what self care is, let’s move into my five self care habits:

Drink more water | Keeping yourself hydrated is a must. In the UK, the Eatwell Guide suggests you should aim for 6-8 glasses of water and other liquids each day to replace normal water loss – around 1.2 to 1.5 litres. Now that I know this, I have been watching carefully how much I drink – so far so good on this one. My bottle is 750 ml, meaning I should be drinking at least two a day. I would definitely recommend a bottle that includes measurements, then you can easily track your water intake.

Put myself first more | In our lives, we always put others before ourselves. OK, this might sound a little selfish but once in a while, it’s good to put yourself first! Sometimes some of our actions don’t have the reaction we want. We’re all human and make mistakes, but putting yourself first, is really important especially if you’re already down yourself. We all need looking after, so look after yourself for once.

Spend more time offline | I know I’ve added this one to my Monthly Goals before but it’s really important to spend some of your time offline. I always have my laptop or phone really close to me but you need to push yourself away from technology. I’m trying each day to push myself away, it’s working quiet well to be honest. You just need to find alternatives! How about reading a book or a walk in the countryside?

Spend more time by myself | This one goes hand in hand with the above really. Whilst spending more time offline, it’s good to spend time by yourself. We’re humans so we love that people interaction, but sometimes it’s nice to be on your own and do stuff yourself. I’m always nervous to visit new places by myself or even meeting with new people but if you do this more, then you can build your confidence.

Maintain a morning & night time routine | I am really really bad for this! I know how important it is but when I’m sleepy, I just forget. I need to start my night time routine well in advance, hopefully then I’ll never be too tired to complete. I’m going to push myself to maintain a morning and night time routine, that way I’ll start feeling better about myself.

There we go! Five self care habits, I’m hoping to introduce and practice these all, hopefully for most of 2020. If you’re struggling and want to talk to someone, my DMs are always open. We can get through this together. If you want, I could do an update post in a couple of months time to see how I’ve been getting on. Let me know in the comments if you would love to see this post.

Thank-you for reading. What is one self care habit you’ll be introducing?
Let me know in the comment!

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Love Gemma x


14 thoughts on “5 Self Care Habits for 2020

  1. Love this; so refreshing, and very much needed! I’ve been drinking so much water since being at home so much. And it’s really made me feel a lot better, and my skin is clearing so much also!


  2. I definitely don’t drink enough water.. or at all although I KNOW I need to! And I keep thinking of a good bedtime routine I can stick to — but it’s hard with an infant lol. Still I want to maintain some type of routine… but mostly within a reasonable time frame as well! Getting enough sleep is something I also could work on! Great tips!


  3. I think the most underrated selfcare habit is having a routine! Love all the other tips, like i dont drink enough water know i need too and would feel so much better for it!


  4. These are great suggestions, Gemma! It is so important to make time for self-care, now more so than ever! I always forget to drink enough water, so thank you for the reminder. I’m also trying to keep a routine and even though I am out of work right now, I’m waking up early each day as it makes me feel more productive and motivated. Great post lovely, hope you are doing okay! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


    1. Thank-you Bexa! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed. I’m with you on that one, even though we’re not working, a routine is still a must. I am doing well thank-you lovely. I hope you’re well yourself.


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