Book Review // Never Date a Siren*


Three books completed for 2020, which means I’m only one book behind where I should be on my 2020 Goodreads Challenge – I think that’s pretty good if I say so myself. I’m treating you this month, here’s my second book review of the month! Today I am reviewing Never Date a Siren by Byrd Nash.

Before we start my review and what I thought, let’s read the book bio for background context.

Never Date a Siren? Let me tell you a little bit about it;

When Brigit ran away from her controlling helicopter fae parents, all the dryad wanted was an uncomplicated college life. When she’s kicked out of her apartment by her Troll roommate, stealing a bedroom from a human appeared to be a simple plan. But, incurring a Fairy Debt to Logan wasn’t in her plans!

Worse, Brigit discovers Logan had a messy break-up with a Siren and could die without her help. Enroll at Leopold Otto University, in the picturesque European city of Geheimetür, where humans and the fae attend classes together. Remember, though, the administration does not guarantee your safety.

My first comment for Never Date a Siren is the characters! If you don’t fall in love with the characters, for me, this is an instant put down book. Byrd has done such an amazing job creating great characters, even the world is amazing. There are so many typical and untypical fantasy creatures, each having unusual powers and traits. What’s not to love? As the first book in the College Fae series, it introduces a group of unique and relatable characters in a world where humans and fae interact.

I love a good supernatural book, I’m sure that’s no surprise! Never Date a Siren went above and beyond what I was expecting – from the characters to the world and even the story. It’s a very unique story, which I love. A curse is placed on a human and Brigit is determined to break the curse. That’s just the start of it! There’s so much more and I’m not going to go into too much detail as you need to read it yourself and hopefully, fall in love.

I’m so glad I picked up this book and started reading! I was hooked from the very beginning, I love a book that does this. I was very sad to see it end. I was left wondering what would happen next with the characters and even creating a story in my head. I’m very happy to hear there is another book in the series! Cannot wait to get my hands on that one. If you love supernatural, then Never Date a Siren is perfect for you!

I am very excited to know what university life brings next for Brigit and Logan.

How about a little about the author, Byrd Nash;

Reading fantasy and living in imaginary worlds made the childhood of Byrd Nash enjoyable despite parents angry about overdue fines for library books. After gaining a BA in journalism, creative writing in Oklahoma during the year of the oil bust and 21% unemployment, she pursued a journalism career. Working as a reporter and editor justified her nosy fascination about what made people tick.

Her careers included being a museum director, horseback riding instructor, kid’s party planner, and an office manager of a veterinarian’s office. However, she always returned to write stories, dreaming up characters, impossible situations, and fascinating lands of fantasy. Her interests include having a wicked sense of humour that is inappropriate during most times and reading mysteries from the Golden Age.

You can follow Byrd Nash on Facebook, Instagram
as well as her official website.

Please give some love to Byrd Nash and if you can not wait any longer to read it for yourself, you can buy Never Date a Siren to read in Ebook (Kindle Format) or Paperback from Amazon. You can also find it on Goodreads now!

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! I highly recommend Never Date a Siren.

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Love Gemma x

*Thank you Lola’s Blog  Tour for gifting me Never Date a Siren. The eBook was kindly sent to me for free, in return for an honest review. The featured image was sent to me in the Media Pack, for more information please see my About Page.


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