Monthly Favourites // March 2020

Goodbye March! Hello April!

March has been such an odd month… I’m not sure about yours but for me, it’s just been everywhere. I’ve never experienced a month like it, I know you know what I’m talking about. You just need to keep moving and think happy things, that’s one reason why I’ve been able to keep up my blogging game. Before moving forward to April, now is a great time to review what I did in March with my Monthly Favourites. Although, not a lot happened! My Favourites is exactly that, what I loved in March.

It’s time to reflect on March.

Skin Wars | I have been watching A LOT of Netflix. I’ve come across some great TV shows and I’ve fallen in love with them – so much so I binged watched them in one sitting! The first show was Skin Wars, for some this might be a weird show but I loved it. It is a body painting reality competition, wow what they create is very impression. I was left wanting more and more.

Instant Hotel | The second show I fell in love with was Instant Hotel, based in Australia this is a reality show that follows homeowners who have transformed their homes into hotels. Then they’re judged, the homeowner with the highest points wins an ultimate prize. Some of the things they have done with their homes are amazing! It’s given me a couple of ideas for holidays in Australia.

If you’re on the look out for new programs to watch then I would definitely recommend Skin Wars and Instant Hotel.

Esports | March should be the month of motorsports but there has not been one single event this morning which has put a damper on the spirit. Of course, we all understand why, it’s now just hoping for an end. Not everything is doom and gloom though as the motorsports industry has come together to create Esports events! I love this as it’s fuelled my motorsports need. Also I’ve really loved the streams from Lando Norris – they’ve cheered me up massively!

Spring | Why hello Spring! My favourite season of all, of course, if we were actually able to go outside and enjoy it… Although my daily walking has really improved because of this weather. Also I love watching everything starting to bloom, there are so many bright and vibrant colours starting to come out.

This then moves nicely onto my next favourite:

MG3 | Warmer weather is perfect for cleaning the car. The little 3 has been spoilt this month! I love being able to get out there and give her some much deserved love. Hopefully, as I’m not travelling much, she’ll actually keep clean. It’s crazy how much is on the road and just a couple of simple trips, she’s filthy again. Let’s see what April brings for the 3.

I hope you have enjoyed this Favourites post! I know, it’s been a little quiet this month. It’s not like I didn’t have anything planned either. I had so much planned but thanks to the thing that shall not be named, it was all cancelled. I’m really disappointed as I was looking forward to an action packed March! Now though, I’m not really looking forward to April.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! What is one of your Favourites from March?

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Love Gemma x


20 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites // March 2020

  1. I’m so happy the spring weather is finally here!! So ready to enjoy the brighter mornings and longer days 🙂
    Sarah x


  2. I love Instant Hotel, it is the perfect TV show to escape with 🙂 I have just finished watching the first series and looking forward to watching more. Australia is such a beautiful place isn’t it and some of those hotels are incredible! I’m loving this sunnier weather too, going for walks is so much nicer now. Thanks for sharing your favourites Gemma, hope you are having a good weekend ❤ xx

    Bexa |


    1. I know right! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia and that has shown me I should. I know, actually makes you want to go outside. You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed Bexa. I am thank youu. Hope yours is going well.


  3. Yes it’s been such a weird March! I had so many things planned for March too but had to cancel them of course. But I love this post. It’s always nice to see the positives despite the situation. And I’ve been watching a ton of Netflix too. I’ve definitely been catching up on all my shows this past month lol


  4. I’m just overwhelmingly gutted that all Motorsport has been cancelled or postponed. I was looking forward to this season SO MUCH. I haven’t really been watching the eSports tbh – my boyfriend plays F1 2019 like, all day long, so I’m a bit sick of seeing it tbh 😂 it’s going to be such a weird season when it finally does get underway!


    1. I know! It’s crazy how much you miss it until it’s gone. Aww I’ve never played the game but tbh, I’m not watching for that. It’s all the banter between the Formula 1 drivers. You mighta seen some of the funny moments on the F1 Twitter page! I know, who knows what the season is looking like?


  5. I’m so happy that spring is here; it’s definitely my favourite season. However, this year it seems that this season will be spent inside watching netflix instead of being out in the sun 😦
    Roni 🖤


  6. My car has had a good spring clean, now i’m not going anywhere hopefully he’ll be able to stay clean longer!


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