5 things I want to do when COVID-19 is over

Well, another day and another day of being stuck at home, yes I am enjoying it as I’m being super productive but of course, it comes with its negatives. There is so much we’ve all had to cancel, it’s all been for a good reason but doesn’t mean we don’t dislike it. Having plans and something to look forward to keeps us happy but when we don’t know what the next day will bring, it can be a little worrying.

There’s not a lot we can really do at the moment, apart from following the government guidance and trying our best to keep the days busy. As mentioned in ways to keep busy during the lockdown, I’m actually quite lucky as I am still working from home. From Monday to Friday, I’m keeping myself busy, it’s then just the weekend I have to figure out what I want to do.

We’re all in the same boat – one way to help get through this is by having positive things to look forward to. Here’s my list of things I want to do when all of this is over:

All the car shows

One of my biggest passions is automotive – our cars are our babies. The last car show I went to was back in February for the Haynes Breakfast Club, that seems like forever ago. The biggest car show on the calendar is Pride of Longbridge, this normally marks the start of the car show season. Of course, this one was cancelled but we had a virtual one instead! I cannot wait to see my car show friends once this is over.

Go to the gym

I have been going to the gym regularly since June last year, it’s now weird not being able to go each week! I am taking advantage of my daily exercise though, it’s going pretty well so far and I’ve been walking one mile at least once a day. Because this is my only form of outdoors, I think this is why I’m doing well. There’s just something about going to the gym though, it’s a perfect routine to have.

Visit my family

Our families are everything, yes there have been months where I haven’t visited them but that’s been because I’ve been too busy. Now though, not being able to travel, is making me miss visiting the family. I cannot wait until this is lifted to visit them all, it’s when you don’t have something that you start missing it. Yes, I’ve stayed in touch over the phone but it’s just not the same.

Have a late-night sundae date

I loved having a spur of the moment trip to The Works for a sundae date with Yasmine. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’m sure you have seen some of the delicious waffles I’ve had. The Works is definitely one place I’ll be visiting! I miss proper waffles and ice cream, also it’s always so quiet when we visited. I know I could make one at home but it’s really not the same.

Watch motorsports

Now last, but no means least, motorsports! It’s April but there’s no motorsports on the calendar as of yet. Apart from some Esports they’ve organised, that’s the only thing fueling my motorsports need. Also no one knows when motorsports is going to return, I suppose that’s like most things though. I cannot wait for all the motorsports to return – from Formula 1 to British Touring Cars and Formula E.

Thank-you for reading. What are you looking forward to doing when COVID-19 is over?

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Love Gemma x


4 thoughts on “5 things I want to do when COVID-19 is over

  1. I’m the same, I never thought I would miss the gym but I do, it was nice to have a bit of routine in my life. I absolutely love the sound of a late-night sundae date – when lockdown is over I will definitely appreciate all those cute cafes and coffee shops with I enjoyed visiting with my family. Thank you for sharing Gemma, hope you are having a nice weekend! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


    1. Thank youu for the comment Bexa! I am having a good weekend. I hope you are too. I know right, crazy how much of a part of your life it is. Oh my cute cafes! Yes I’m with you on that one


  2. I love this! My hubby would be right there with you about the car shows. He loves going to those too. And we are big baseball fans so I am dying for that to start back up again too! And I just wanna be able to go out to eat again too!


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