Big Bundle of Stationery

What’s not to love about stationery? It can be anything you want it to be – colourful, character or simple. My name is Gemma and I am a MASSIVE stationery lover! If you’ve been following An Ocean Glimmer for a little while, it’s no surprise really – I’m always sharing with you the latest notebook or cute stickers. And today is definitely no different!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might just have seen that I won a big bundle of stationery.

The lovely Bexa organised a 1k Twitter Giveaway (congratulations again Bexa!) and I was the winner! I did a little happy dance as there are so many items ranging from pins and stickers to notebooks and postcards. There are so many items that I’ll be here all day long sharing them all, so instead, I’ve decided to shout out to all the small businesses included. Now, where shall I start?

Let’s start with my favourite item of all, notebooks! I received two adorable notebooks, one, an Abstract Mountainside Notebook from Rachael Hope (Twitter / Instagram) and the second, a Unicorn Notebook from Rachel Ellen (Twitter / Instagram). Then I received not one but two items that are perfect for organising my blogging life – I know, I always seem pretty organised but that’s because I have items like this.

The first is The Pad of Productivity – a colourful to-do list. This is designed by Katie Abey (Instagram), she makes some beautiful and colourful items. If you love colour, then I recommend Katie Abey, go check her Etsy store out. The next is the Blog Planner Notepad from Dot Creates (Instagram) – I adore all items from Dot Creates, they are perfect for any blogger.

Let’s move onto the range of beautiful postcards. OK I know I said small businesses included, but a couple of stationery paradises were also included. That’s right Paperchase, I’m looking at you! These postcards are super adorable, I cannot wait until the lockdown is lifted, so I can display these on my desk. They also make great blogger props, you might just see some of these popping into photos.

Now moving onto the smaller items of the bundle – pins, washi tape and stickers. When I saw this giveaway on Bexa’s Twitter, my eye instantly went to the adorable unicorn pin. Just look how cute it is! This is the Lil Chubby Unicorn by Katnipp (Twitter), I also received a cute You’re Berry Sweet postcard – super adorable! – from Katnipp also. I’m definitely going to check out her store to see her other pins!

This wasn’t the only pin included – I also received two further pins. The first one is Shh… Creativity in Progress from Colour Your Life Club (Twitter / Instagram). It’s small and cute, I love the message on the pin – this is definitely a great one to display. Of course, Bexa couldn’t just pick one, so included this Yes, I Can as well! A bright, fun and motivational badge, perfect message to shout from the hills.

Next up, washi tape, I haven’t jumped on the washi tape bandwagon just yet, but I think with these two adorable designs, I think I might just! The first one is Blue Narwhals by Drix Productions the home of kawaii arts and crafts (Twitter / Instagram). The second washi tape is Purple Unicorns and this one is from Three Little Buhos (Instagram) who sells quirky stationery to brighten up any desk!

Last but no means least, stickers! I love a good sticker, colourful ones are a must and with this bundle from Bexa, that’s exactly what I got. I received a small range of adorable stickers, up first some motivational blogging stickers, You Got This! Sticker Sheet from Dot Creates. I’ll definitely be using these to jazz up all my current notebooks! Hopefully, they will add some colour to my life.

We’re all loving rainbows at the moment, so I adore this Rainbow Sticker Bundle from Bowler Bear Designs (Instagram) – they’re definitely the perfect set to add positivity to my life. There are a total of five different motivational stickers – Don’t Give Up On Yourself, Today I’m Wearing My Positive Pants, Juice Be Your Colourful Self, Give Yourself Time To Recharge and Out With The Old, In With The Bold.

Once again, thank-you Bexa for hosting the giveaway! What’s your favourite item from the bundle?

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Love Gemma x


6 thoughts on “Big Bundle of Stationery

  1. Aww yay! I am so happy you loved the giveaway goodies, lovely! And I am so pleased they went to another stationery lover who can enjoy and appreciate them all! 😀 Reading this post made me smile so much, thank you for spreading the love and sharing all these awesome small businesses on your blog too! Fab post Gemma, hope you are having a great day! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


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