Introduction to: The Classy Planner

It’s no surprise I love stationery if you don’t know this, where have you been! I’m always sharing my stationery favourites and today is no different. Now, you might just recognise this from Instagram because I have enjoyed sharing it over there, but today’s post is about The Classy Planner. I wasn’t seeking out a new planner for 2020, but I came across this one and I fell in love! As a stationery addict, I couldn’t say no.

I know, I know, before you say anything, yes I did purchase this in the Coronavirus pandemic but I still need a diary to understand what I’m doing! Also, this is more than just a planner, all will be revealed soon in this post. Now, before looking inside The Turquoise Classy Planner, I wanted to introduce you to Greta, the person behind The Classy Planner.

Here on An Ocean Glimmer, I don’t just review the product, I also review the company. Greta has always been a stationery lover and when it came to girly, sparkly, pink, colourful, she could never stop herself from adding to the collection! She always loved diaries but never really found one that included all the features she needed – without becoming overwhelmingly complicated to use.

In December 2018 after looking for diaries for the new year and just not finding one she really loved, Greta created The Classy Planner. Now she has a range of other products to help busy people keep some order in their lives. As well as The Classy Planner, she has The Bucket List Journal, The Classy Journal and my favourite, a selection of fridge planners. She also has a range of printables to help you stay organised.

Now, let’s get into The Turquoise Classy Planner – now it’s no surprise I went for this colour! I’ll let you into a little secret, blue is my favourite colour! I love how there’s photos of each page and the description is great because you can’t pick it up and view it for yourself, good images and description is a must. It’s like you’ve been able to get your hands on one.


I agree with Greta, I have never been able to find a planner that includes everything I want. Some planners can be very complicated and you don’t use all the features. But with this one, I’ll definitely be using all the features available! Also, when I received it, I was even happier with it! It looks exactly how it looks online and even better if I’m honest with you.

Now the main thing I love about this planner, is that it’s undated. This is perfect as it means you can start using any time, you don’t need to wait until the beginning of the year to purchase this planner. It’s crazy how much more organised I’ve become since using this planner, I didn’t know this was possible, but it has been! I have used it every day to track everything.


The layout is amazing, you have your Monthly plan, Weekly plan and Daily plan. The Daily plan is perfect! You can write your daily routine and Goals for that particular day. Now, I’m sure you all know just how much I love creating and achieving Goals! I’m not normally a fan of pink but inside the design is a mixture of pink and blue, both colours work really well together.

There’s even room to add your own personalisation to the planner if you so wish. Coming onto this personalisation, you also receive four sheets of stickers to help explain what the day brings. From birthdays to shopping trips and day nights to holidays, there’s a sticker to describe most things. I haven’t had the opportunity to use many of these yet, but I’m excited to when the world returns to ‘normal’.


If you adore stationery and want to stay organised, I definitely recommend The Classy Planner. There is a variety of colours you can choose from, they can all be found here. At the moment, the planner is currently on sale, meaning you can purchase it for £14.95, I definitely took advantage of this saving! Who doesn’t say no to saving a bit of money?

You can also keep up to date with all things The Classy Planner by following them on their social channels – Instagram and Facebook.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What are your thoughts of The Classy Planner?

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Love Gemma x


4 thoughts on “Introduction to: The Classy Planner

  1. LOVE THIS! I love new stationary – for some reason it really motivates me to fill it with “worthy” items!


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