My productive morning routine

Has anyone else been having productive mornings since the start of lockdown? Now I have an extra two hours in the morning before work, rather than travelling to work, my mornings have been completely different. I know I could have a line in but I prefer to be productive in the mornings. Also, I’m still going to bed the same time, so why not a couple of hours to my self.

I hope I can keep this routine going after lockdown but it will be difficult Monday to Friday with travelling to work. I can see this continuing Saturday and Sunday though, we will have to see! I recently shared ways to keep busy during the lockdown, but I didn’t explain what my mornings are like. How is your quarantine going? Let me know in the comments!

Wake up

Since working from home, I have found the perfect time to wake up is 7am. I’m going to bed around 9pm so I’m still getting at least 10 hours of sleep. If I go to bed any later than that, then I definitely find it hard to wake up at 7am! Also, this provides you with time to do what needs to be done. I could have an extra hour in bed, but this wouldn’t allow me to do the things I mention below.

Work out

Before I start anything else, I complete at least half an hour of exercise, sometimes this is one workout or it can be two. I’ve been using FitOn on my phone to keep a track of my workouts and explore new ones. I would be lost without this app and I’m progressing nicely along my plan created on the app. I’m on week four and so far I’ve done a workout each day.

Have breakfast

I’ll usually have a bowl of Muesli perfect start to the day! This will also be when I have my first cup of tea of the morning, I’m still on my decaf kick to help with my acne. I have not had any caffeine since middle of January, I’m pretty impressed with myself here! I also have my Vitamin C tablet. Most days, I’m able to go until mid-morning before feeling hungry.

Basic hygiene and skincare

Obviously, I’ll brush my teeth and wash my face. For just over two months now, I have been using AlumierMD, my skincare morning routine is a long one! But in the end, it will definitely be worth it. I’m not going to go into too much detail here as I recently wrote a post all about my AlumierMD skincare journey. I then get dressed into normal clothes and make myself look slightly more presentable.

Review and write my to-do list

I am a massive fan of lists! I write down all sorts and my to-dos are no different. I would be lost without them, sometimes I will write a simple list the night before. Then review in the morning and add stuff throughout the day. I don’t know what I would do without my lists! I try to keep them manageable, understand what’s important and go from there.

Now if it’s Monday to Friday, I would have completed this all before I start work at 9am. I know, it’s crazy how much you can get done in two hours! I feel very refreshed and ready for the day ahead. It also feels very rewarding to do all this in the morning. I think I’m definitely my most productive in the morning. On the weekend though, my mornings look a little different after the above.



I leave some time to read before going into the rest of my day. Before this, it’s been quite busy, so I love sitting down and reading. I have read so much since the start of the lockdown! I’m noticing this is a thing for most people, some have even smashed their Goodreads challenges. I am currently two books ahead of schedule, which considering the start of this year, I’m pretty impressed with this!

Food shopping

Next up, is the first main chore for the weekend, the weekly food shopping! I try and go as early as possible, I find this is the quietest period and I’m in and out. I don’t mess around, just get what I need. Sometimes this can be a couple of hours as I go to a couple of stores but it’s normally just Aldi, it’s good to get this out of the way! I also find that if I’m sat down for too long, I don’t want to go out. Get it over and done with.


Washing up

Sunday morning consists of getting as many chores out of the way as possible! First chore, the washing up, I have to get this out of the way, it feels so rewarding to have a clear side. Also, it’s the perfect time to let your thoughts go wild and I have the music blasting so I can have a little sing-song in the kitchen.

Clothes Washing

The second chore on Sunday, clothes washing. Now I could do this during the week but, there’s really no point! This has always been a weekend chore, I’m not going to change that just because I’m working from home. Clean laundry smells amazing! Also, it means the washing machine can be on all day without me having to pause because I’m on a call for work.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Have your mornings been productive? Let me know in the comments!

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Love Gemma x


10 thoughts on “My productive morning routine

  1. My routine is quite similar to yours although I eat before I exercise and then wait a bit before I start jumping around haha! I love having a productive morning routine – it totally impacts the rest of my day!


  2. It’s strange. I always imagined I’d laze around watching films if I had any prolonged time away from work. Turns out I’ve been amazingly productive! If anything I thrive on the challenge of it all!


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