NYX Makeup Haul

Who doesn’t love to treat themselves? I have been using makeup on and off for a couple of months now, I don’t wear it every day at the moment. When I was based in the office, I did wear makeup every day, it did become apart of me, especially with struggling with my acne. I know nothing about makeup! I’ve been receiving makeup tips from a couple of friends but also speaking to makeup artists. I’ve heard good things about NYX, so after I finished the foundation from L’Oréal, I wanted to trial one from NYX.

I was recommended Born to Glow, I loved this foundation! I never really know how much I use and most of the time, I always try to keep one in reserve. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that this time! When the lockdown came here in the UK, I did stop wearing makeup daily but I still wanted the option there to wear makeup. Due to Coronavirus, of course, I couldn’t pop down to Superdrug or Boots to purchase new products. I did try ordering from Boots and Superdrug online but unfortunately, everything was out of stock.

Instead, I thought to order directly from NYX – the Born to Glow foundation is very popular! It was also sold out on the NYX website. I had no idea how long this would be sold out for and whether I would finish what I had before I was able to purchase a new one. I decided to trial the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation because I couldn’t purchase the Born to Glow foundation. I actually got in touch with them to see if the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation was similar to the Born to Glow foundation. It’s quite hard to tell online! That’s why I love going in store and speaking to someone.

The online chat service was very helpful! I asked them a lot of questions, not just about the foundation but a couple of other products. Each time they were able to provide me with a recommendation and advice on exactly what I was looking for. Needing one foundation did turn into a mini haul though! Oops, who says you can’t treat yourself? Also, I’ve learnt from my previous mistake, have a couple of items in reserve! We were also just about to be out of Micellar Water, so perfect timing.

Now, I know it’s been a lengthy introduction BUT here comes the mini haul. Let’s see what I received.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Contour Concealer

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Brush

Butter Gloss Creme Brulee

Stripped off Micellar Water

On the Spot Brush Cleansing Brush

I haven’t been able to use these just yet! With lockdown I haven’t seen the point in wearing makeup, I’m sure though when I go back to the office, I will be wearing make up more. It’s also allowed my skin to have some breathing space, especially with only recently starting my AlumierMD journey, so I think this has been good timing. Before makeup for me was about covering up, because of my skin and acne. Now though, I feel it’s about giving me confidence.

I just need to learn how! YouTube here I come. If anyone has any tips or wants to help a girl out, just let me know. Also now is a perfect time to learn, definitely before I actually want to use makeup. I know there’s so much to learn so I think the basics are definitely a good starting point. I think one weekend, I’m just going to play around and practice. Then I need to figure out how long it will take me and whether I can do it in the morning before work!

Thank-you for reading. What’s your favourite makeup brand?

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Love Gemma x


4 thoughts on “NYX Makeup Haul

  1. Hiya you should look at their eyeshadow pallets very affordable! I have a review on one if you’d like to see x


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