Spring collection from Friction Free Shaving


It wasn’t until I started planning for this post that I released I received my very first Friction Free Shaving Shaviour over two years ago! I knew I had it for a while but not that long. I introduced Friction Free Shaving when I was gifted the Shaviour, Rose back in May 2018. If you want to learn more about Friction Free Shaving, you can check out ‘Let’s Talk About Shaving – Friction Free Shaving’. I have been using this handle and the razor delivery service ever since. I still adore the razor and the blades are amazing!

Also the biggest thing about this service, I receive fresh new blades every month. I haven’t had to worry about purchasing razors since. This is a massive weight off my shoulders. I’ve seen subscription services for other health products but as I’ve still got a supply of products, I haven’t seen the point of going ahead with them. If there’s any that you’ve been loving, let me know in the comments!

Now the reason for purchasing a new Shaviour is that they’ve just released a new collection, the Spring Collection. Of course, my eyes immediately went to the beautiful teal handle, because teal is, my favourite colour. Also, I felt like treating myself, so why not. And my Rose Shaviour was getting a little worse for wear, there just seemed to be this grim that I could not remove. Even though I cleaned it every time I used it.

In the Spring Collection, there are three different handles:

  • Juniper
  • Lotus
  • Fern

They’re all so beautiful! They also share the same features as the Rose Shaviour, including 6 diamond-coated steel blades per head, lubricating Vitamin E strip, rubber grip and sturdy metal handle for optimal control. Like what’s not to love! Also you can pick up any Shaviour for £9 plus 4 blades, and there’s free delivery. Who doesn’t love free things?

This begins your subscription with Friction Free Shaving, you can even chose the frequency of the razors, either every month or every 2 months. Perfect if some months, you don’t shave as much as other months. It’s also really easy to change your subscription, you can do this any time throughout your subscription, perfect. You can go from a couple of months, receiving a box every month, to a couple of months, receiving every 2 months. I love the personalisation and ease of use with Friction Free Shaving!

To go alongside my new handle, I also picked up the Teal Clamshell Protector Case. This is the perfect item to keep your razor safe and it’s a great travel accessory. Previously I had a clear plastic cover but it was interesting to take off and I never felt like it truly kept it safe! So the Clamshell is definitely the perfect thing. As I’m already a member, I was just updating my Shaviour but if you’re a new member, you can actually pick up the Clamshell for free. Another great reason to subscribe.

Friction Free Shaving don’t just have a razor subscription service, they also have a couple of beauty products. I’ve yet to try them but their natural deodorants do sound pretty interesting! I’ve never used a deodorant like these before, they have good scents available as well. These sound like they’re completely different from a normal deodorant, instead of masking the bad smell, it actually prevents it. I think after I’ve finished with the deodorants I have, I might just trial them and see what they’re like.

My razor service is actually on Yasmine’s account rather than my own, so I haven’t been on the website for a while. They’ve now got Peach Points which you can actually earn every time you make a payment. There’s also a couple of other ways, including following them on social media and you can receive points on your birthday. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the Points as there’s some pretty good rewards! And who doesn’t love freebies eh?

Well, I think that concludes the review of the new Spring Collection from Friction Free Shaving. I hope you have enjoyed this post! Please provide some recommendation on health and beauty subscription services. I would love to try and automate most of my beauty items, there’s so many out there though, I don’t know where to start and whether they’re any good.

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! What are your
thoughts on the new Shaviours?

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Love Gemma x


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