2020 Personal Goals Update

I cannot believe we’re already over half way through 2020, like where is the year going! Also I don’t even feel like I’ve achieved or done that much to be honest this year, and I suppose that’s kinda true with the whole lockdown and Coronavirus thing. At the moment, every month is definitely rolling into one, during lockdown, I even lost track of days. I’m glad I’m finally back into a ‘normal’. I hope you and your family are all keeping well.

Back in January, I shared with you my 2020 Personal Goals, here I outlined exactly what I wanted to achieve over the course of the year. Now we’re nearly in August, I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on my Personal Goals and provide an update on progress. It also helps me to know where I am with my Goals and with five months remaining in 2020, if I have yet to achieve something that I set out at the beginning of the year, then I’ve definitely got the time too!

I know I share my Monthly Goals but this doesn’t show the overall year story. When I’m setting my Monthly Goals, I try and keep my 2020 Goals in mind. It can be hard achieving your Goals, especially if it’s one you want to achieve in one year. Your Goals can be a lot easier to achieve if you think about them monthly but then also break them down to weekly and daily. If you don’t create Monthly Goals, now, more than ever, is a great time to start creating Monthly Goals!

Shall we begin with the update on my 2020 Personal Goals?

Read 20 books

I am over half way! I’ve currently read 13 books in 2020, that’s actually really good for me. I’ve still got soo many books on my to read shelf, also I’m hoping to take part in a couple more Book Blog Tours the rest of this year. I have everything crossed I can read 20 books in 2020, that will definitely be a good achievement for me. Fingers crossed.

Run a 5k

Not achieved just yet, I am looking to complete the Silverstone 5k in November but I’m now not sure about this one. Due to Coronavirus, I haven’t been to the gym in four months so my fitness level is a little low! It’s going to take a couple of trips to the gym before I can return to my fitness level pre lockdown. Also I don’t know if the Silverstone 5k will be able to go ahead in November. That won’t stop me from returning to my fitness routine before lockdown I’m actually looking forward to it, there will be some normality.

Better manage my finances

I would say I’ve actually done pretty well with this one! OK I haven’t done amazingly because I have been spending but not as much as I was previously. I’ll blame lockdown for that one. I suppose some positives have come out of this! I’m still savings for a house and I’m even putting extra money away, at the moment anyway. Now I’m back in the office, we will have to see what happens!

Do a no-spend challenge

Nope! I’ve yet to investigate this one! I suppose during lockdown would have been the perfect time but I just didn’t get around to it with personal things going on. Of course, the reason for being radio silent on An Ocean Glimmer! As mentioned above, there’s five months left of 2020 so fingers crossed I can achieve this one. If you have any recommendations for a no-spend challenge, let me know in the comments.

Visit somewhere new

I wanted 2020 to be the year of exploring and travelling to new places. How wrong was I on that one!? The whole visiting somewhere new is definitely not high on my list, even though I would love to. I don’t know if and when places are reopening or what they’ll be like when they do! I did though visit the Silverstone Experience so I suppose that’s somewhere new. OK it’s not the town or city I originally thought, but it’s still good to visit a museum I haven’t been to before.

Learn a new skill

Nope nothing new just yet, to be honest, I don’t know what new skill I want to learn. I’m always looking to increase my knowledge, nothing comes to me at the moment. Although, I suppose I could turn this into learning something new by the end of the year, with having a new job, I’m definitely learning a lot of new things there. Let’s hope that turns into something bigger like a new skill or activity.

Thank-you for reading! How are your Goals going for 2020?

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Love Gemma x


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