The Star Seekers

On Wednesday evening, I had the amazing opportunity to watch The Star Seekers presented by Wardrobe Ensemble at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. This opportunity was made possible because I am on the Bloggers Scheme at the Theatre, if you don’t know what this scheme is about, read my short announcement for it here.

I was pretty excited for this performance and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed. Even though this performance is aimed at children, I absolutely loved it! You meet Alph (Ben), Betty (Jessie) and Gammo (Jack) three astronauts, who are sent on a mission by Doctor Doctor. They must find the three missing orbs to fix the Infinite Energy Fusion Drive.

Each orb is located in a different part of the galaxy and with your help, they must find the three different orbs, Red Glowing Plasma, Blue Glowing Bridge and Green Glowing Uranium Orb. They only have half an hour to fix the Drive before it is broken forever. Before I had even walked into The Drum the actors were interacting with the audience, outside you met Betty and Gammo who welcomed you as a Star Seeker.

When you walked in, Alph was asking the audience questions and interacting with the younger audience. I loved this as it got the children thinking about what they were going to be watching, this immediately set off my love for the performance. The whole way through it was all about interacting with the audience, for the cast the shows are different every time.

The Star Seekers

The first question they asked was what you would take with you if you went into space. This sparked the children’s imagination, if you was an astronaut what would you take with you, in the end, it was decided that we would take a sleeping bag, a torch and a jet pack on our space mission. I would have loved to watched something like this when I was younger.

As it sparks the imagination of children through this unique theatre experience. I love the whole performance and it was lovely to see the participation from the children and the adults. Throughout the performance, I felt like a big kid and I loved every minute of it. After the performance, there was a short Q&A with the cast, this is where we met Helena the Director.

She had the fun job of pressing different buttons for the lights and sounds, I was very impressed with the questions the children were asking. The performance had definitely sparked their imagination as they were asking some very technical questions, the cast did an amazing job at answering them. When Wardrobe Ensemble first started The Star Seekers, they didn’t have very much money.

To build their space station, they used parts that people had thrown away. A lot of the parts you could tell what they previously were, like bottles and their lids, a keyboard and even the back of an old television! It was amazing to see the creativity that went into the creation of the space station. Despite it being aimed at children, I loved every minute.


*Theatre Royal Plymouth invited me to the performance The Star Seekers through the Theatre’s Bloggers Scheme. All thoughts are honest and my own, for more information please see my About Page.

The Wrong Side of Prohibition

I was kindly invited by Thespis Project Theatre Company to attend their performance of The Wrong Side of Prohibition with a few other bloggers from Plymouth. This was the first performance by Thespis that I have watched and it didn’t fail to amaze me. The performance explores the lives of gangsters in 1920s America.

An era that I’ve always wanted to know more about, as after watching Vampire Diaries I fell in love with it. Anastasios Chalas portrayed the club owner Tony, who showed good interactions with the other characters, despite acting like a strong character there were those moments where you sympathized for him. He had an amazing bond with all the actors and their characters.

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Danza Contemporánea de Cuba

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to watch Danza Contemporánea de Cuba presented by Dance Consortium at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. This opportunity was made possible because I am on the Bloggers Scheme at the Theatre, if you don’t know what this scheme is about, read my short announcement for it here.

We were in for a treat as before the show, we had a Q&A with three of the performers, Laura Rios Curbelo, Claudia Rodriguez Pozo and Norge Cedeño Raffo. It was lovely to meet them, as we got to ask them some interesting questions to know more about them and what they do with Dance ConsortiumDanza Contemporánea de Cuba was founded in 1959, they have become the nation’s flagship contemporary dance troupe.

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Real Ideas Organisation finalist in the UK Social Enterprise Awards

The Real Ideas Organisation have been shortlisted in two categories in the UK Social Enterprise Awards.

The Awards, organised by Social Enterprise UK, the national body for social enterprise, recognise excellence and outstanding achievements by social enterprises along with those who lead them. Around the United Kingdom there are over 70,000 social enterprises, who contribute £24 billion to the economy each year. RIO are based in the South West with offices in Plymouth, Liskeard and Bristol.

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Audio Tour comes to Devonport Guildhall and Column for Visitors

A new self-guided audio tour was launched on Wednesday at the Devonport Guildhall and Column.

The audio tour, which was created by the Real Ideas Organisation, was designed to allow visitors to learn all about the history of the Guildhall and Column. Working alongside RIO to create the audio tour was The Media Workshop, Plymouth City Museum and local historian Chris Robinson. To provide a fascinating insight into the former uses of the two graded buildings, along with historical information about the local area.

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ADP Riot Tour heads to Devonport Guildhall

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) will be on displayed at Devonport Guildhall later this month.

Created by acclaimed artist Jimmy Cauty the model village will open its doors to visitors across the United Kingdom. Located in a specially converted shipping container, the model can be found at the sites of historic riots. Last summer, the ADP had an appearance at Dismaland. From Saturday 20 – Friday 26 August, the ADP Riot Tour will be showcased at Devonport Guildhall.

It will showcase a vast diorama detailing the aftermath of a major disturbance. Devonport experienced this in 1801 when a wheat shortage and raised bread prices caused crowds to seize bread and meat. The event’s organisers hope the experience will be a peaceful and thought-provoking one. The model village will be an small scale of 1:87.

The ADP Riot Tour will open to the public from Saturday 20 August with a Private View for invited guests on Friday 19 August. For more information head over to their website HERE or their official Twitter page HERE.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Mayer


DOG SHOW! launches at Radiant Gallery

Recently I attended the preview night for the launch of the DOG SHOW! at Radiant Gallery. The exhibition was designed and curated by a group of nine and ten-year-old children from Plymouth and the Gallery’s resident Miniature Dachshund, Beau. There was a mixture of work at the exhibition including photography, drawing, jewellery, sculptures and even a pooch photo booth!

It was interesting to see the different work that people had produced for the show, it was all focusing around the same topic but it was interesting to see the different takes. The evening was very doggy originated which was nice to see as they all played a massive part to create the exhibition. Their bistro, RumpusCosy made the dogs at home by serving cute doggy treats including Yappuccinos and Woofaccinos along with dog treats.

There were no two pieces alike at the Gallery, they all had very different meanings from one another. Some were even personal meanings to the Artists themselves. This exhibition didn’t have any many pieces as the last one I attended, the Plymouth Young Contemporary Open. The pieces here did still make the exhibition worth while as they are all different. Here are my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Kev Attwood – Joshy’s Nose

This piece by Kev Attwood I feel is really cute. A photograph of a dog’s nose, it’s just super simple. It’s interesting to see a dog’s nose up this close as its not really a part of a dog that you see this much in depth.Normally you see their face or paws. Noses are just as cute!

Liam Ainscough – Snoopy Dog

So I don’t remember having one of these as a child, but Liam Ainscough has modeled this piece after the Snoopy Dog released by Fisher Price. It’s an up scaled model of the iconic dog toy from the 1960’s which Liam has fond memories playing with as a child. This is super cute as it’s like your childhood is growing up with you in the form of your toys. The attention to detail is just amazing, it looks exactly like the toy.

Mitch Boyer – Big Viv

I first saw these photo-illustration series by Mitch Boyer before the preview night as they were used to advertise the exhibition. They are such a creative idea to mix man and dog together. There’s such a simple message behind these, they explore what life would be like with a small dog turned giant.

Sarah Britten-Jones – Takin’ the Lead

When I first came across these walk along dogs by Sarah Britten-Jones, they seemed a bit scary. With them looking quite realistic and their facial expressions but after a while you see how it’s such a simple and good idea. I really like the fact that they are on wheels so they are able to be pushed around like you’re taking a dog for a walk.

I hope you enjoyed this post and this brief insight into the DOG SHOW at Radiant Gallery. I would recommend going to the exhibition if you live locally. It is now open to the public until Saturday 30 September 2016. So pop on down! For more information follow Radiant HERE on their official Twitter page.


Plymouth Young Contemporary Open 2016

The very first Plymouth Young Contemporary Open (PYCO) exhibition opened at Radiant Gallery and Peninsula Arts Gallery on Friday 1 July. Following on from the success of Plymouth Contemporary Open, PYCO was created to showcase the incredible talent of children and young people, read more here.

Devonport Market Hall consultations for residents

People living in Devonport are invited to have their say regarding the future of the Devonport Market Hall.

Drop-in sessions will be taking place later this month at the Redrow shop units on Phelps Road, Devonport. With local residents and businesses invited to say their opinions regarding the future developments. The Grade II listed building is set to become Plymouth’s new space for digital arts, research, education and visitors in an increasingly digital-focused environment when it is planned to open Summer 2017.

The development work is being led by the social enterprise company Real Ideas Organisation. The same company who are also responsible for the restoration of Devonport Guildhall and Column. The proposed development will be a significant moment for Devonport, with the area featuring office, lab and teaching space. As well as conference facilities, a cafe bar and a range of cultural and learning activities.

Ed Whitelaw from RIO said, “Two of the problems we’re trying to solve are around how we work with people to support skills and the regeneration of the city, to do that well we need to listen to people.”

The consultation sessions will take place on Thursday 21 July, 3-7pm and Thursday 26 July, 5-8pm. For more information on the Market Hall, visit HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

Plymouth Young Contemporary Open 2016

I was kindly invited by Made In Plymouth to attend a private view of Plymouth Young Contemporary Open 2016. The exhibition was created following on from the success of it’s parent exhibition Plymouth Contemporary Open last year. I was really pleased to be invited as I would be getting a first look at all the amazing artwork that was created by talented children and young people in Plymouth.

The finalists work was split across two different galleries in the city, Radiant Gallery and Peninsula Arts Gallery. For the first year, the theme for the exhibition was GROW. While walking around it was amazing to see different people’s imagination when it comes to the subject. Some people went for the obvious with the environment whereas other people were more creative with the subject.

It was amazing to see everyone’s imagination, some of the work was just amazing and things I would never think of creating myself. I feel the different age categories worked really well and you could see some real talent in them. All of the ideas worked really well in relationship to the subject. There were a few that you could understand just by looking at them but others you had to read the artist’s comments.

Amelia Goodman (1)
Runner-up: Amelia Goodman – Groa

Amelia Goodman created a piece called Groa. It was of a dragon that she created in her story The Magic Egg. The piece works really well as it’s showing the change from the dragon being a character in a story to a piece of art. Showing people her imagination and how she envisions things. Looking at the piece I couldn’t understand how this was related to GROW but after reading, I understood completely and thought it was a lovely piece.

Boringdon Art Club (2)
Boringdon Art Club – Tree of Life

All the pieces within the exhibition were from one person, so this piece by the Boringdon Art Club, stood out to me. Titled the Tree of Life, it was created by twenty children from an after-school club. The whole piece is handmade by the children, with them blowing ink through straws to create the effect of small twigs and branches. The children all chose an animal or plant to produce for the tree to symbolism the object on the planet.

Isabella Colthurst (3).JPG
Runner-up: Isabella Colthurst – Growing is Part of Us

As soon as I walked into the Gallery at Radiant, I saw a young girl with a camera taking photos of people in a make shift frame. It was really nice to meet Isabella Colthurst, her idea was one of the best on show. It got members of the public involved in her work as she wanted to create a life timeline of people. She wanted to photograph different ages and then put them in order to show the change we go through as we’re growing up.

For more information of future events, visit their official website HERE or follow Plymouth Young Open on Twitter HERE.