Blogmas 2016 // Introduction

Christmas is bar far my favourite time of the year, along with it getting colder, it’s a time all about family. I just love everything that comes along with Christmas, the food and drinks, decorating and of course, just being with friends and family. December marks a big month for Bloggers as they take part in the madness that is Blogmas.

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November 2016 – National Shopping Reminder Day

Friday 25 November 2016 is quiet a special date, along with it being Black Friday, my twenty-first birthday! Woop Happy Birthday to me, it is also officially a month til Christmas!┬áNow, I know a lot of you are probably panicking yourself, or you’re one of those who are super prepared and are finished already.

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Brunch Date in Rockets and Rascals

Plymouth is a great city for cafes and restaurants, there’s always a little gem to be found within the city. Not only do we have big names like Wetherspoons, Nandos and Frankie and Benny’s. We’ve also have local favourites like RumpusCosy, Boston Tea Party and Rockets and Rascals.

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September 2016 – National White Chocolate Day

I am continuing on from last month’s National Dog Day to bring to you a different national day each month. This month includes probably one of the best days National White Chocolate Day. How cool is this day, I never even knew it existed until I was researching about national days.

I thought I would do something a little different instead of the history of white chocolate, I thought it would be good to share with you my top four favourite white chocolate brands. Some of you may know that white chocolate is by far my favourite, so it was quite tricky trying to find four types that I really enjoy.

4. White Chocolate with Crisped Rice

Now this is a recent favourite of mine after spotting it in my local Co-up. It’s something different rather than your standard white chocolate bar. Wrapped inside the white chocolate is pieces of crisped rice. I didn’t realise something like this existed and now I am in love.

3. Milkybar

Now this is a childhood favourite of mine, to this day I still enjoy eating Milkybar. I swear when I was a kid these were a lot bigger though! They seem to go quicker. It’s something so simple and not too sickly. Some chocolate bars can be very sickly depending on their contents.

2. Kinder Bueno White

I love everything and anything Kinder produce, everything is a firm favourite. So when they brought out a white chocolate version of their Bueno I was immediately in love. There’s not much white chocolate here compared to the Milkybar but it is enough. There are little chocolate balls that just seem to get everywhere! But I still love it.

1. Milkybar Buttons

Now something else I am addicted to is chocolate buttons, but not just any buttons, white chocolate buttons. The only problem with these, there never seems to be enough in a packet! I love just snacking on these. Milkybar is by far my favourite chocolate and I love that they are white chocolate.

Happy National White Chocolate Day guys. I hope you liked this little insight into my favourite white chocolate! Let me know in the comments what your favourite chocolate is, I know there’s a lot of different ones out there!