ADP Riot Tour heads to Devonport Guildhall

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) will be on displayed at Devonport Guildhall later this month.

Created by acclaimed artist Jimmy Cauty the model village will open its doors to visitors across the United Kingdom. Located in a specially converted shipping container, the model can be found at the sites of historic riots. Last summer, the ADP had an appearance at Dismaland. From Saturday 20 – Friday 26 August, the ADP Riot Tour will be showcased at Devonport Guildhall.

It will showcase a vast diorama detailing the aftermath of a major disturbance. Devonport experienced this in 1801 when a wheat shortage and raised bread prices caused crowds to seize bread and meat. The event’s organisers hope the experience will be a peaceful and thought-provoking one. The model village will be an small scale of 1:87.

The ADP Riot Tour will open to the public from Saturday 20 August with a Private View for invited guests on Friday 19 August. For more information head over to their website HERE or their official Twitter page HERE.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Mayer



Holland & Barrett Beauty Kitchen

As some of you may know, I attended the launch of Holland & Barrett More in Plymouth last week. Nearly half of their store was dedicated to the Beauty Kitchen, a new concept to allow customers to make their own beauty products. They have kits to ‘make your own’ lip balms and bath bombs and even a Make Your Own Body Scrub station. It’s really cool having these products as you can personalise them to suit your skin type.

The body scrub station is really cleaver as there’s just three simple steps to produce your personalised scrub. You can add anything you wish to the scrub and the different ingredients help with different things. So you really can personalise it to yourself. It’s a good idea as everyone has different skin types. It’s a really effective way of creating your own scrub, something that you can be proud of.

Beauty Kitchen

For the Grand Opening they had people on hand to give you a taster treatment with the scrub. There were different body scrubs available to try, the one I tried was Love Me Body Polish. During the treatment the minerals within the scrub were ruff and didn’t feel very nice at all. After it was washed off though, it made my hands feel really soft and had a lovely smell!

Exploring the Beauty Kitchen there were different sections for everything. Everything was cutely displayed, lip balms and lip liners were in a cute wooden display in their sections. With the different shades on display at the front. The descriptions for the different products were displayed on a wooden clipboard keeping in with the theme. With the price list cutely displayed next to the testers.


The testers were easy to identify as they were clearly displayed on top, with the sale products underneath. So you don’t have the worry of picking up a tester product, we’ve probably all done that at least once!  Even the nail polish were in a neat order with going in shade order which stands out. Everything seems to be neatly ordered in its own home. Which is nice to see as you immediately know where everything is.

They also have a Scent Station which includes a range of scents from Pina Colada to Pumpkin. There’s a massive display of these where you can pick them up and smell them before you buy. These are small melts that when burnt produce the smell, this is becoming a bigger thing in people’s homes. So it’s nice to see a display like this, especially as it bright and colourful with the different shades.

Beauty Kitchen (7)

These are pretty cool as I can see these being popular with homeowners, I love them myself! I might have to pick up a few myself to burn on my Scentsy warmer. They also sell their very own warmers so if you don’t have your own, you can purchase one. Along with the melts, they also sell incenses if the warmers aren’t your cup of tea. They have a range of smells in these aswell.

There’s also a nice selection of bath bombs, a variation of different sizes and colours, depending on the types of ingredients. The bombs are filled with natural ingredient, along with the big ones that have colourful insides, they also have small bombs that are on a Pick n Mix offer. Which is interesting as you can pick up as much of these as you wish and the different variations.

Bath Bombs

For the Grand Opening, they had a bicycle at the front of the store where you could produce your own body scrub. With a little help from Corinne, we were able to produce a small amount of body scrub. Using a little bit of oil and Himalayan Salt we were able to produce the scrub. The mixer was attached to the front wheel and as you peddled it mixed the contents.

Beauty Kitchen (14).JPG

I would like to just say a MASSIVE thank you to all the staff who were all so friendly. And thank you for reading this post, let me know in the comments what you think of the Beauty Kitchen from Holland & Barrett! Also be sure to check out their official Twitter page HERE for the latest information regarding their stores.


Plymouth Young Contemporary Open 2016

The very first Plymouth Young Contemporary Open (PYCO) exhibition opened at Radiant Gallery and Peninsula Arts Gallery on Friday 1 July. Following on from the success of Plymouth Contemporary Open, PYCO was created to showcase the incredible talent of children and young people, read more here.

Holland & Barrett Drake Circus Launch

July is proving to be a busy month! Along with attending the preview for Plymouth Young Contemporary Open 2016 and the relaunch of H&M, I’ve also attended the launch of Holland and Barrett More. This concept store is the first of its kind within the South West, which is pretty impressive. First of its kind stores are always bigger and better than their normal stores.

I was very impressed with the overall look of the store as it was very bright and inviting. To celebrate their Grand Opening, the store had planned a fun-filled day. Allowing customers to experience all the new concepts the store had to offer. All the staff were very friendly and allowed you to explore the store but were still on hand to help out! Which is always nice.

I loved the way in which they had everything on show, everything was clearly labelled and their displays were amazing. They had props to symbolise what exactly it was. The honey section was amazing as there were beehives in the middle to display all the different honeys. The display was of course bright and inviting as it was the strong yellow that you would recognise with bees.


For all the different tea bags, they had them all on display in these cute little glass mugs for you to smell before you buy. It’s super inviting and you just have to smell them all! For me the smell of tea is just as important as the taste. Of course you can’t smell them all and not have a favourite. I loved the smell of Blueberry Bliss by London Fruit & Herb Co., Strawberry & Kiwi Tea by Charbrew and Apple & Cinnamon by Heath and Heather.


There just seemed to be very good ideas all round in this store as they had a Pick n Mix station. Normally these are filled with sweet favourites like strawberries, chocolate raisins, fried eggs and jelly beans but this was the healthy option with different fruits and nuts. This is such a cool idea as when you buy the already packed fruit mix, there might be something there you don’t like.

This way though you can personalise it to yourself, so add as much or as little as you want and you don’t have to worry that there’s anything there that you won’t eat. They had a good selection here and I will be coming back here to pick up my own bag of goodies as I just love my dried fruit. Even putting in some cheeky chocolate covered raisins. Ideas like this may even help more people to eat fruit as they can choose what they want.


Moving on from one Pick n Mix station to another, they even had one for olives so you could chose different olives to fill a pot. It’s exactly the same as the fruit and nut Pick n Mix station just it’s olives instead. These are a good idea as you can just help yourself to exactly what you want. I’m not much of an olive fan myself but I can see this being really good for a lot of people.


Now this next area of the store isn’t really my area of expertises but I thought it was still an interesting part of the new store. One whole corner of the store is dedicated to Sports Nutrition which I see as a good thing as you know exactly where it is. Anyone sporty will be able to pick up the best protein powders on the market from here. They also have a Body Analysis machine which can measure your BMI and hydration levels.

The staff located within this section of the store are all trained to help customers to improve their fitness and sporting performance. This machine goes one step further in helping customers as they can get the full experience out of shopping for their proteins. I can see this being a big hit within the new store. Especially as it’s something new and exciting.


As part of their grand opening, they had an ice-cream cart outside with desserts that were diary and gluten free. A lot of items that Holland & Barrett sell are free from foods and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For me, I’m not a massive fan of free from foods, some I’ve tried in the past haven’t been all that good. You can tell that a certain ingredient is missing.

These desserts though were amazing, there were three flavours from Pudology to choose from Chocolate Orange, Banoffee and Chocolate. They tasted much better than I thought they would be which was nice. I couldn’t help but try all three and I’m glad I did. It was a nice idea having the cart outside as it was enticing customers to the new store. Who doesn’t love a good pudding!


Thank you so much for reading this post, be sure to let me know in the comments what you think of this new concept store from Holland & Barrett. Also if you’ve visited a More store, tell me your thoughts about the stores and what you like about them.


H&M Drake Circus Relaunch

Along with my friend Corinne Bygrave from Organic By Nerve, we attended the relaunch of our local H&M in Drake Circus. For the past three months H&M has been turned upside down while builders have been transforming the store. Every time I adventured in, it was different from the previous time. As they didn’t want to loose out on business throughout this time, the store was kept open.

It was nice to see the store slowly transforming in front of your eyes. They have changed the interior to make it look more like stores you would find overseas. Every time you popped in there it felt as if you were seeing an exclusive to the new look. If it wasn’t for Facebook I don’t believe I would have known about their relaunch as there didn’t seem to be much plastered on their windows leading up to the event.

H&M Relaunch 2.jpg

This was a must event for not only me to attend but attend with my bestie Corinne as we just love all things H&M. We always seem to be shopping in there whether it’s for some really cool logo tees or just some basics leggings! We always seem to pick up something we both like so as soon as I told her we planned to attend. H&M decided to make a good party out of their relaunch.

I had planned to be outside the store pretty early as I thought it would be quite busy, especially with the good perks that came along. Everyone who attended received a special goody-bag that included a MASSIVE shopping bag, a H&M umbrella and something that always comes in handy, a lint roller. Not forgetting though! The first 200 hundred people to queue up would receive 25% off their shopping!

H&M Relaunch Bag

The relaunch was just one massive party, music blaring out from the speakers from the live DJ, H&M staff getting their groove on with a performance before the store officially opened to the public and balloons, there were even balloons outside. Watching the staff perform was interesting as they were all smiling and laughing together. Showing that they are all one big happy family and are excited to see their new store open.

After the grand opening, finally we were allowed in to see the finished work. The interior was all white and crisp, it felt like walking into a brand new store. Even though there’s no windows to the outdoor world, the store felt very light and airy. Compared to what it was previously you could tell it was a new store, everything was super clean and organised. After months of chaos, it was nice to see the store back to normal.

H&M Relaunch 3

The one massive thing I was disappointed with, every time previously I went into H&M there was always something that jumped out at me. This time though, absolutely nothing! Which was very disappointing as I wanted to take full advantage of the 25% off everything. In the end I did manage to pick up some cute little pieces. It took me longer than I thought and it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

It’s all good me saying how great the new store looks, but see it for yourself. I was able to take a few photos while shopping around. Believe me though! It was not this quiet within the store. So take a peak at this exclusive new store below!


H&M Relaunch 5
Rainbows in the form of make-up, it’s super pretty and eye catching.




It’s not just the clothes I like, the lights are pretty!

H&M Relaunch 4.jpg

Mannequins, mannequins everywhere. It’s like Doctor Who all over again.




So that’s it guys! Hope you liked the little sneak peak of my home city’s new H&M store. Maybe they will start changing all their stores across the United Kingdom. Will look amazing if they do.


Devonport Market Hall consultations for residents

People living in Devonport are invited to have their say regarding the future of the Devonport Market Hall.

Drop-in sessions will be taking place later this month at the Redrow shop units on Phelps Road, Devonport. With local residents and businesses invited to say their opinions regarding the future developments. The Grade II listed building is set to become Plymouth’s new space for digital arts, research, education and visitors in an increasingly digital-focused environment when it is planned to open Summer 2017.

The development work is being led by the social enterprise company Real Ideas Organisation. The same company who are also responsible for the restoration of Devonport Guildhall and Column. The proposed development will be a significant moment for Devonport, with the area featuring office, lab and teaching space. As well as conference facilities, a cafe bar and a range of cultural and learning activities.

Ed Whitelaw from RIO said, “Two of the problems we’re trying to solve are around how we work with people to support skills and the regeneration of the city, to do that well we need to listen to people.”

The consultation sessions will take place on Thursday 21 July, 3-7pm and Thursday 26 July, 5-8pm. For more information on the Market Hall, visit HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

Plymouth Young Contemporary Open 2016

I was kindly invited by Made In Plymouth to attend a private view of Plymouth Young Contemporary Open 2016. The exhibition was created following on from the success of it’s parent exhibition Plymouth Contemporary Open last year. I was really pleased to be invited as I would be getting a first look at all the amazing artwork that was created by talented children and young people in Plymouth.

The finalists work was split across two different galleries in the city, Radiant Gallery and Peninsula Arts Gallery. For the first year, the theme for the exhibition was GROW. While walking around it was amazing to see different people’s imagination when it comes to the subject. Some people went for the obvious with the environment whereas other people were more creative with the subject.

It was amazing to see everyone’s imagination, some of the work was just amazing and things I would never think of creating myself. I feel the different age categories worked really well and you could see some real talent in them. All of the ideas worked really well in relationship to the subject. There were a few that you could understand just by looking at them but others you had to read the artist’s comments.

Amelia Goodman (1)
Runner-up: Amelia Goodman – Groa

Amelia Goodman created a piece called Groa. It was of a dragon that she created in her story The Magic Egg. The piece works really well as it’s showing the change from the dragon being a character in a story to a piece of art. Showing people her imagination and how she envisions things. Looking at the piece I couldn’t understand how this was related to GROW but after reading, I understood completely and thought it was a lovely piece.

Boringdon Art Club (2)
Boringdon Art Club – Tree of Life

All the pieces within the exhibition were from one person, so this piece by the Boringdon Art Club, stood out to me. Titled the Tree of Life, it was created by twenty children from an after-school club. The whole piece is handmade by the children, with them blowing ink through straws to create the effect of small twigs and branches. The children all chose an animal or plant to produce for the tree to symbolism the object on the planet.

Isabella Colthurst (3).JPG
Runner-up: Isabella Colthurst – Growing is Part of Us

As soon as I walked into the Gallery at Radiant, I saw a young girl with a camera taking photos of people in a make shift frame. It was really nice to meet Isabella Colthurst, her idea was one of the best on show. It got members of the public involved in her work as she wanted to create a life timeline of people. She wanted to photograph different ages and then put them in order to show the change we go through as we’re growing up.

For more information of future events, visit their official website HERE or follow Plymouth Young Open on Twitter HERE.


Marine Academy Plymouth’s Super Summer Showcase Returns

This Friday, Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP) will host the Super Summer Showcase, a carnival-themed event.

This year’s event will follow on from the success of their event last year. There will be activities for all ages such as a bouncy castle, sumo wrestling and a special visit from a Plymouth Argyle footballer. Local businesses have been invited to attend the event to be on hand for any potential enquiries from young people who are thinking about their future.

The Super Summer Showcase will also feature live performances from students who attend the secondary school. A group of students from Year Twelve and Thirteen have joined together to plan and promote this event. The group have chosen to call themselves Unity, with a main priority of running an event that unifies the community.

It also symbolises the teamwork that is required to run a big event like the Super Summer Showcase. Their hard work will continue into the big day as they will be on hand to help run the activities. The event has been put together as part of the student’s Creative Skills Initiative. The programme is delivered by the Real Ideas Organisation as a strand of the Creative Employment Programme.

The programme is designed to enhance the link between education and the workplace in the cultural sector. Young people who take part in these programmes gain valuable employability skills and work with successful organisations to gain practical work experience.

Claire Honey, consultant for the Real Ideas Organisation, who has been working alongside the students to organise the event, said, “I have had the pleasure of working with Unity over the last few weeks to design an amazing event.  I am very proud of what they have achieved in a short space in time – they have shown real professionalism and commitment to creating something exceptional for their school and community.”

The Super Summer Showcase will take place on Friday 15 July at Marine Academy Plymouth, running from 1pm to 4pm.

Work In Progress // Silverstone, Derren Brown and Our Final Goodbyes

Hey Guys

Here it is, the end of Word In Progress, it’s week four, end of June and it’s completed. Me and my friend Corinne Bygrave from Organic By Nerve have loved every minute of producing this podcasts. We are sad to see the end.

The theme of this weeks podcast is Summer 2016! We decided to tell you five different things we are looking forward to doing throughout our Summer. Some of these are pretty basic and normal, whereas the others are more specific to our unique tastes.

So without further adieu, here is week four of our podcast series: Work In Progress.

Thank you again for listening, we do hope you’ve enjoyed our podcasts! It’s not quite over yet as we’ve decided to produce a BONUS Podcast for next week. This will be a blooper reel from the past four weeks that we’ve been recording.

I would like to say a massive thank-you again to everyone who has been listening to our podcasts, we have really enjoyed producing them for you. Maybe in the future we might decide to produce some odd podcasts in relationship to anything that’s happening.

Work In Progress // Blogging 101

Hey Guys

I’m pleased to say we’ve been at it again! Its been a week since me and my friend Corinne Bygrave from Organic By Nerve released our last podcast. Now I’m excited to say there’s another!

The theme of this weeks podcast is Blogging 101! We decided to answer your questions from Facebook and Twitter about Blogging. We received quite a few, so we thank-you as you made our podcast. Without questions we probably would have spoken for hours about nothing relevant! It was interesting to see exactly what you want to know when it comes to Blogging, as sometimes people make it out to be the easiest thing to achieve.

So without further adieu, here is week three of our podcast series: Work In Progress.

Thank you again for listening, we do hope you’re enjoying our podcasts! The topic of our next podcast is Kick off Summer, we won’t give too much away as we want this to be a special one! So tune in Friday 1 July, to get ready for Summer 2016.

I would like to say a massive thank-you again to everyone who gave us questions to answer. We hope we answered your questions but if not or you have more, you can speak to us either on my twitter HERE or Corinne’s HERE.