Blogger Swap Box with EnchantedVamp

I love meeting new people and making friends who have the same interest as me, yupp you’ve guessed it blogging. There’s so many great people in the blogosphere and I’m lucky to meet some. Recently I’ve become friends with Simone, a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger, who is behind EnchantedVamp.

We got chatting on Twitter after seeing she was looking for someone to do a Swap Box with, I was intrigued to know more and before I knew it, we were chatting about products to send one another! I’m really glad we did this, as I love meeting new people and I suppose this is a new and interesting way of getting to know someone.

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Are guys pressured into drinking more when with friends?

The percentage of people who drink alcohol is declining each year in England, but men are still drinking more than women. The percentage of men who drink is 64% whereas women is only 52%, why is there a 12% difference between the genders? Are guys getting pressured into drinking more when they are with their friends?

Speaking to some students in the city, they feel as if their friends sometimes do pressure them into drinking more than they would like to on a night out. Sam East, 19 says; “You don’t want to be seen to be the one who is not drinking and therefore being boring.” Sam isn’t alone in his thought, Oliver Norman, 25 feels like it is ‘almost rude and anti-social’ to decline drinks that have been brought by friends. Robert Styles, 19 says; “I simply say no when my friends try and pressure me to drink more than I wish to but I do think in most cases guys are pressured to drink so they can fit.”