RIO to debate Plymouth’s future after Brexit

The Real Ideas Organisation will host a special event later this month at Devonport Guildhall to debate the future of Plymouth and the South West after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

On Thursday 23 June, people across the United Kingdom, visited their local polling station to vote leave or remain in the EU Referendum. A day later it was confirmed that the UK would leave the EU after 52% of the population voted leave.

‘Nexit – what now for Plymouth and the South West?’ is aiming to voice the opinions of people right across the city in solutions for the future, including young people. Featuring guest speakers Molly Scott-Cato MEP and John Harris, political and culture writer for The Guardian. Everyone who attends the event will have their say with interactive sessions throughout the evening.

Lindsey Hall, Chief Executive of RIO said: “Politics is in crisis and the repercussions from the result of the referendum are being felt socially, politically and economically. For many people, it feels like the country is being torn apart. If we want a politics and economy that puts all of us first, it’s time to come together and start building alliances. We need a democracy that listens and responds and that puts the people in control.

“We will not get there by shutting people out and perpetuating divisions, but by building bridges, alliances and common cause. This event will explore ways to create more progressive partnerships at a local and regional level and how we as people, neighbours, business and organisations can be proactive, focus on pressing issues and flip the debate to one that builds a more equal, sustainable and democratic society.”

Taking place at 6pm on Wednesday 2o July at Devonport Guildhall, entrance is free to the public. With people wishing to attend must register their interest via Eventbrite.