The Geeky Girl Tag

As you’ll know, along with being a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, there is another side to me, I am a massive Geek at heart! I love everything from Vampire Diaries to Harry Potter and many great games. Recently I came across a tag on ZombieGoddess Beauty called The Geeky Girl Tag, I was in love with it and knew I needed to do it for myself, especially as I don’t normally speak about my geek side.

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Fallout Shelter: Start-Up Guide

So I have recently become addicted to the mobile game Fallout Shelter, released by Bethesda Softworks last year. Ahead of the release of Fallout 4 in November. Even with this game now being a year old, it is still going strong on the market store.

There are many different approaches to this game, depending on how you fancy playing. It wasn’t easy starting the game as there’s a lot to understand. I thought I would share my top seven tips that I wish I knew when I built my first Vault.

Vault 101

1. Don’t expand too quickly

It might seem fun adding extra rooms when your caps are rolling in. But the more rooms you have, the more electric that needs to be produced. You only want to expand when your Dwellers are increasing. Before you add specialist rooms, make sure you’ve got enough resources being produced. As those caps could have been used to increase your resources.

2. Build Food and Water rooms close to Power Rooms

If you run low on Power, the rooms furthest away will loose their power first. Meaning those rooms won’t be able to be used by your Dwellers. If these are your Food or Water rooms, Dwellers won’t be able to produce these resources. If they are close, they will be the last to loose power. You will hopefully be able to control it before it gets too low.

3. Have guards at your Vault Door

You are able to have a maximum of two guards at your Vault Door. Try having these Dwellers the highest level as possible. They will have more health than others. It’s good to have guards here as they can defend your Vault quiet well. Allow them to have your better weapons as you’ll have regular raids.

Fallout Vault Door

4. Merging rooms

You are able to merge rooms which increases how many Dwellers can produce that resources. Also producing more of that resource at one time. Remember, merge first then upgrade the room. Saves you having to upgrade both of the rooms as they don’t merge until they are the same level.

5. Assigning Dwellers to the correct room

When new Dwellers reach your vault, they have stronger skills that allow them to produce resources quicker. When you’re hovering a Dweller over a room, the higher the number, the better they are for that room. Make sure you know who is best for which room so you can produce your resources quickly.

6. Don’t rush rooms too much

You are able to rush rooms to produce their resources quicker but if those Dwellers don’t have good skills, the room will fail. Leading to an attack or a fire. Don’t have too many unsuccessful rushes as the life of your Dwellers will quickly decrease. Having one person in each room will be helpful as weapons do more damage than fists.

Fallout Rush.png

7. Explore the Wasteland

It is never too early to explore the Wasteland, it’s the best way to acquire weapons and outfits that can boost your SPECIAL stats of your Dwellers. It’s best to do this early on as with receiving the outfits, you can increase the chances of a successful rushing. Also enabling different Dwellers to be in different rooms with the use of outfits.

So that’s it guys! I know this is a little different from my usual lifestyle piece but I am completely addicted to this currently! Still after a year of it being released. I had a hard time starting in the beginning so I hope these points have helped someone. If you have anymore tips or if you wish to know anything else please comment below!


Fallout 4


This week Bethesda, an American video game publisher, announced the sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4.

It has been five years since Bethesda released a game for this franchise, fans of the series have been wishing for a sequel every year especially around big gaming events. Wanting Bethesda to announce the game in press conferences at major gaming events, when gaming magazines ask their fans what they would like to see announce for the new gaming year Fallout 4 is something that keeps appearing.

Not much is yet known about Fallout 4 but in the announcement trailer released by Bethesda, the game will take place in Boston. The trailer cuts between pre and post-apocalypse outline of the world, we are briefly shown real-world locations for Boston, Scollay Square, USS Constitution, Bunker Hill Monument and the Massachusetts State House, these locations being the connection to a post-apocalyptical Boston.

Entrance to Vault 111 is briefly shown, creating the impression that this Vault will be where the player’s journey into the wasteland will start. E3 press briefing in Los Angeles expects Bethesda to show more of Fallout 4 on June 14th, being the first time the company has hosted its own press conference.

Check out the announcement trailer here!