March Favourites

I can not believe how fast 2017 is going! One minute it was 1 March and now March is finished and April is in full swing. That means a wrap up of my favourite things from March. For me, March was pretty busy as I traveled a lot during the month, first I went to London for an interview for a Magazine Training Course with Press Association.

I had a lovely time in London, I was only there for a day but as the interview was in the morning, I was able to spend the afternoon sightseeing! Which I loved as I haven’t had a stroll around London in a while, when I went for my Autosport interview for the Junior Programme I was busy all day. Press Association is based a ten minute walk from Buckingham Palace, so I jumped at the chance to visit there.

The first and only time I’ve visited the Palace was when I visited London last year but was late at night so I didn’t see any of the guards. This time around, the Palace was bustling with life as the guards were standing outside and tourists were all admiring the Palace which I loved! From here, I went and visited Big Ben/Westminster.

I love visiting this part of London as all my favourite monuments are within walking distance. As I was able to take a nice stroll from Westminster to Trafalgar Square, it’s lovely to see so many people admiring all the sights in London. I don’t know how far I walked but I bet it was a lot! Time surely does go fast and before I knew it, it was time to start traveling back home to my Uncle’s, my day in London came to an end.

If you follow me on my social media platforms, you’ll know that I am a massive motorsports fan! I was lucky to attend the Britcar: Endurance last year at Silverstone as Media, this year I’ve done one better. I managed to attend the Season Launch of the British Touring Car Championship at Donington Park as media, a dream come true!

This was an amazing experience as I was able to go trackside at a circuit that I’ve never been too, along with meeting up with my photographer friends again. The Season Launch kicks start the new season for BTCC, this is a day of testing along with driver and car reveals. There are some gorgeous cars this season and I was soo lucky to take photos of them!

I also said hello to my good friends over at Team HARD who continue to grow as a team. I’m looking forward to the BTCC season, especially as I’ll be attending Rounds 25, 26 & 27 at Silverstone in September. This was a massive experience for me as BTCC is much bigger than Britcar and I know a lot more of the drivers and teams.

I also learnt a lot in regards to photography as my dad brought a new lens for his camera so this was the perfect opportunity for me to practice with this lens. It was super easy to use, left my arms dead as it was super heavy! As I spent the day with Ian Cutting from Ian Cutting Photography, who was taking photos for Essaar Motorsports, if I had any problems, I would have been able to learn from him.

It was Mother’s Day at the end of March, also known as Mothering Sunday, so I spent the day with my mum and two sisters. We went to Frankie & Benny’s for lunch, yumm! Afterwards we watched Beauty & the Beast, I’m still not sure about this movie as the animated film is one of my favourite Disney films, but after hearing a lot of good things about it, I thought I would give it a try.

It was lovely to spend some quality time with the family, everyone must have had the same idea as everywhere was super busy! Beauty & the Beast was a really good movie, there seemed to be a lot more singing and dancing though, it’s amazing what they can do with special effects. I loved that everything was a lot more French orientated, the animation it wasn’t as grand.


I love doing these favourites as it makes me re-think about everything I’ve done during the month. I really struggled in the beginning with ideas for March’s Favourites, as I feel that I haven’t done that much, anything interesting at least but then I look through my Instagram and realise I’ve been really busy. It’s crazy how fast March has gone, I really hope that’s not the same for April!

I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen here, April is going to be a very busy month for me as I’m traveling to Italy at the end of the month, so look out for those photos!


Artemis & Xena February 2017

Subscription Boxes are becoming more popular amongst everyone, as no matter what your interests are, I guarantee there will be a box out there for you. As you know, I am subscribed to Infinity Crates, a crate filled with entertainment goodness. I love receiving this every month, as I never know what I’m going to receive until I open it up.

I came across a new Subscription Box, Artemis & Xena, I immediately fell in love as I love the concept of the box. Ani founded Artemis & Xena after struggling with her mental well-being as a teenager and during the first year of University. A change of thinking and lifestyle helped her to get through her difficulties, therefore she wants to help other women who may be facing difficulties too using what helped her.

By creating a well-being Subscription Box for both teenage girls and women, with an amazing aim to empower women and cheer them up every month. I can certainly agree with this statement, as I was very happy with what was included in the box. The boxes are based on a theme every month, February‘s theme Love Yourself, ties in nicely with Valentine’s Day.


It’s amazing how pretty Ani made the box, I love the addiction of the Washi Tape across the fronts, adds a simple but effective decoration. I was being soo careful when I opened this as I didn’t want to ruin it. Inside I found everything neatly wrapped in this pretty reusable pink floral tissue paper! I loved this and I’ll definitely be keeping it to use it for future blog posts.

I love the card inside, very pretty and I love that it includes the theme of the box! Just as a nice little reminder if you had forgotten. When I opened the box up, it smelt amazing! Made me want to just rip the tissue paper to find out where the smell was coming from. It completely made me excited to see what was inside, of course, I was not disappointed!


I used to love temporary tattoos when I was growing up, especially the ones with cute animals, I sometimes received them in my sweets and couldn’t wait until I was home to put them on my arms. I’m excited to receive these, as I know they’ve become popular recently, especially the gold temporary tattoos, I look forward to using them!


Food… I always love receiving food and trying something new. The milk chocolate heart like amazing, I wish there were more of these because they are exactly the type of sweets I like. It was the first thing to disappear from the box, oopps. The Love Heart Sweets I won’t be eating them as I don’t like them but I do know someone who will eat them, the partner.

Recently I have been into trying herbal tea, so I’m really excited to see a herbal tea from Pukka included. I love that it’s flavour is called Love, I definitely love the taste and smell of this tea. It feels very relaxing and calming, well worth the five minutes to allow it to infuse probably. All the ingredients go really well together, a match made in heaven.


When I was younger, I adored Nail Stickers, I used to love just sticking them on my nails after painting them, so I can see myself using these, especially the Cupcakes! I can picture the ring finger being a Cupcake with the other nails painted. I’m really excited to use these, hopefully they will be as easy as they look to use. Sometimes these can be a pain in the butt.


These little stationery items I am in love! The Washi Tape, amazing, I can see myself sticking this on Notebooks and my Planner to add some decorations. I love Sticky Notes, I normally use these to highlight pages in books that I use for University. These though, I’ll probably use in my Planner to add a bit of colour. I’ll stick them in and then write on top of them.

The Buttons I am not sure what I’ll use these for, maybe in my Scrapbook, I suppose they can work in there! I don’t think I would use them for actual Buttons on a jacket or something. More of a crafty use with my Scrapbook or Planner. The final crafty item I received was these little confetti, adorable I love, they look rally nice in the background and I can see myself using them in future photos.


I found the source of the amazing smell! It’s these amazing mini aromatherapy glitter heart-shaped bath bombs in the scent Rose, I am in LOVE! I can not wait to use these, especially as there’s no animal testing and vegan friendly, so I’m hoping this makes them okay with my sensitive skin. These are also created by the Etsy company Dreamybath, natural handmade bath & skincare products.

I love that there’s an introduction of Etsy stores here, I think this is an amazing thing to give these smaller businesses more credit. I am definitely going to take a look at her other products! The Collection Mardi Grass Lip Balm is amazing, makes my Lips feel amazing afterwards as well as smelling soo good. Good enough to eat shall I say, I think that’s bad though, oopps.

It feels like it’s getting colder as spring approaches so this is perfect to keep my Lips feeling fresh. A heart-shaped Beauty Blender umm why not! This is soo pretty but I’m not sure how well it will blend make-up, I won’t be able to test this out, as you know I’m not one for make-up. I know a couple of people who could put this to use.



I have always been a massive fan of colouring in, I used to always colour when I was younger, it was a favourite of mine whenever I traveled anywhere with the family. God knows how many different colouring books I had, I never ever seemed to finish them. I love these little colouring pages as they have meaningful messages on them. Very simple designs and I can not wait to colour these in!

The next item I was a little bit unsure over, because I didn’t know what it was! After having a look at the information leaflet I found out it was an envelope full of positive self-love affirmations which I love! These are perfect for the theme of the box, there’s a total of 31 in the envelope so you can open it each morning and pick one out for a whole month.

I love the thought that went into these, there’s some lovely phrases like ‘Today, I choose me’, ‘My struggles are opportunities to learn and grow’ and ‘I am learning each and everyday’ of course there’s so many more. They also made me smile when I read all of them, I would love to see something similar like this in the next box, as you can do so much with this idea.


Another item that made the box smell AMAZING, were these heart-shaped soy waxed melts. I can not wait to try these on my Scentsy, I would love to have my room smelling like this, I can not place the exact smell, but they are in the scent Love Spell perfect for the theme of the box. Just like the mini aromatherapy glitter hear-shaped bath bombs these are handmade by DollysCandles.

I love that Artemis & Xena have included different Etsy stores, as it gets the amazing work out there that these people create all by themselves. I actually might check out both stores and see what else they produce. This little butterfly is really cool, he’s a wall sticker so you can pretty much stick it anywhere you want! This butterfly is definitely brightening up my room, pride of place on my bookcase.


In another envelope was this collection of beads to make my own bracelet this is really cool and I’ve always loved creating my own bracelet. I think it’s a sense of personalisation, you can create anything you want. I love that there’s letter beads aswell, so you can try and spell out something, I’m not quite sure on what I’ll be spelling. I like that there’s a variation on the styles and colours of the beads.


I also received a nice little collection of jewellery, first up a pair of love earrings, these are a little heavy so I’m not sure if I’ll be wearing them much but I do really love them! I also love what was included on the leaflet to describe these, ‘a pair of cute earrings to complement your beauty!’ how adorable is that. Next this lovely heart-shaped necklace, I absolutely adore this, I’ve been wearing it quite a lot recently.

I love that it’s silver as that’s my favourite coloured jewellery to wear. The card that it’s displayed on is really pretty, I love the quote behind it, very inspirational. The last item I received was this bracelet, I love the different charms on it, I’m not sure if it’s a bit busy for me as when you’re wearing it, you can’t see all the different charms.

For my first Artemis & Xena I am really impressed with what I received, this is only their second box so I’m really excited to see their future boxes. I really didn’t expect to get all these items and for the price, I am very impressed. You’ve still got time to pre-order your March box, with the theme of Spring Time. Like other subscription boxes, there are different styles, including monthly, 3 month prepaid or one-off boxes.

Go give some love to Artemis & Xena on their Twitter and Instagram.

February Favourites

Where on earth did February go! Felt like yesterday that it was the end of January, now it’s the end of another month and on to another Favourites. It was quite tricky for this month, as there was nothing that stood out to me like last month. I have managed it though and here is a summary of those things I’ve enjoyed this month!

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Random Question Generator

I believe Q&As are the perfect way to get to know a person, I love finding out more about a person. Recently I came across a post by Like Sally Bee that takes a spin on the normal Q&A. Instead of her asking her followers, she used a Random Question Generator to get her questions, you can check out her post here!

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Planner Girls Collective // Recent Stationery Purchases

Welcome to another edition of Planner Girls Collective. If you missed a previous edition, you can find them all here.

This week’s topic is Recent Stationery Purchases. If you know me, you’ll know that I adore my stationery! I am addicted to buying and using stationery. I think I’ve pretty much got everything you’ll ever need, most of it though I have yet to find a use. I think January is the perfect month to pick up stationery supplies, as everywhere has discounts.

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Planner Girls Collective // 2017 Bucket List

I’m pleased to say there will be a new weekly segment on An Ocean Glimmer. Along with other Bloggers, we will be chatting about a different topic every Monday. This is a recent group I’ve become a part of through FacebookPlanner Girls Collective was created by The Stationery Geekette aka Emma-Louise Smith.

I’m really excited by the prospects of this group, along with having the opportunity to meet some amazing blogs! The first topic for 2017 is 2016 Planner Overview/Aims for 2017. I thought this was perfect timing, as we are now into January and I should probably set out some goals for this year to make it a special year!

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2016 Highlights & Recap

Before you can move forward with the New Year, I think it’s always good to look back on the previous year to see your achievements. Looking at it, 2016 has been quite a successful year for me! A lot has happened and I am really proud of myself. I thought I would share with you today my highlights of 2016.

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Soap & Glory Bubble Decker Bus Tour

It always seems to help to know the correct person when it comes to events in Plymouth, especially those that just don’t seem to be advertised nearly enough as others. I know the Soap & Glory Student Ambassador at Plymouth University, who kindly invited me to the Soap & Glory Bubble Decker Bus Tour last week.

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Work experience in London with Teneo Blue Rubicon

A couple of weeks back, I received some good news, I was accepted for work experience that I applied for with the PR agency, Teneo Blue Rubicon. Now this was really good news for me as the company are based in London. So it’s a really good experience and something good to put on my CV.

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VIP Experience with Team HARD

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you will know that I was recently at Silverstone for Rounds 25, 26 & 27 of the British Touring Car Championship. It was a very interesting weekend as the Saturday I was a Silverstone Racemaker, a volunteer at the circuit and then Sunday I was with Team HARD on a VIP Experience.

I thought it would be interesting to give you an insight to my day with the team as this was my first time as a guest. Now these experiences can be pretty pricey, especially if you receive breakfast, lunch and dinner! I paid £99 for Sunday and I can say it was well worth it.

I have never met David Boor, the guy who I have been chatting to over the last couple of months to book the experience. So when I reached the main gate and saw a guy that looked familiar and was wearing team gear, I was very happy to see him. It was a nice welcoming before even reaching their hospitality.

Silverstone is a very large circuit, so it was nice to see a shuttle service from Team HARD to take us to the BTCC paddock. In my three years of going to Silverstone, I haven’t been on a buggy very often. My legs welcomed this as I know the distance it takes to get to the paddock.


From the minute I arrived everyone was happy and friendly, it was even better once we got to their hospitality as I know someone there. They couldn’t of had a better person to welcome you once you arrived, Andrea Hurcombe, who my dad knows from school, was on the door checking everyone in and giving us lanyards.

As soon as I received the lanyard, it felt real, that I was actually with Team HARD for the day. Shortly after breakfast was served, I’m not really a breakfast fan but oh my, this smelt amazing so I was hungry. They had a full English on offer which I loved, minus the black pudding and tomatoes of course!

We had a welcome talk from Simon Hill who explained how they day would pan out, I was amazed at exactly what was included. Other things that I never imagined, how cool going on the grid before the race and being able to watch it from their garage! Before all this we were invited to a garage tour, having a look around their three different cars.

The drivers and mechanics were on hand if we had any questions. It was amazing looking at the cars and seeing the detail up close. I must have looked silly in the way I was taking my photos, trying to get snazzy angle on everything. It was cool looking at the cars, there’s actually not much to them!

After the garage tour, came the fun part, GRID WALK! I was super happy to find out about this. We were allowed to come on the grid before the first race, watching all the cars coming out of their garage to do an out lap so they can line up on the grid. As there were so many guests, they split everyone between the three drivers.

I had to look out for Tony Gilham‘s car, it was pretty easy as they all have grid girls with boards, so it was just trying to find her. Once all the cars were lined up, we were allowed to take photos of the cars and girls on the grid. This is a special moment as it’s literally moments before the start of the race.

Grid Girl.JPG

Few moments before the start, we had to go back to the garage as we are not allowed on the grid at the start of the race nor in the pit lane. It was super tense in the garage especially when we found out Gilham was coming into the pits! All the mechanics sprang into life and was getting ready for his arrival.

Turns out he had an accident so had to come in for some emergency repairs so he can continue the race. It was amazing watching them rush around the garage picking up spare parts and tools to fix the car. After he returned to the pits it was quiet racing, very enjoyable, even better than watching it from the grandstands.

Once the race was over, it was nice seeing the drivers and their family/friends congratulating them. With the rush over it was time to unwind and continue watching other racing. I did some exploring of the track, checking out the different trade stands. Before I had even realised, it was time for lunch.

The hospitality smelt amazing when we walked it, strong smell of food. Of course with it being a Sunday they had a roast on offer, I jumped at the chances as I just love my roast dinners. It was amazing and exactly what a roast should be, it felt like I was at my Grandparents.

With dinner over we decided to watch the racing from Luffield as this is normally an interesting place, especially with them speeding down from Wellington Straight. It was action packed from the moment they started, with tyres exploding and scary overtakes. Before we even realised it was time for the Driver Q&A.

Now this was comically with drivers explaining their performance, especially if they had an incident with a fellow driver. It was nice listening to them speaking and the enjoyment they receive from racing. After the Q&A, the drivers were signing and taking photos, which I loved as signatures are always nice to have. Pictures more so.

I was planning what to do next when David came over and asked if I wanted to go back on the grid for the last race. Of course I said yes! I wouldn’t let an opportunity like that go to waste. It’s cool being on the grid once, let alone twice. So for the last race we were back on the grid and watching the race from the garage.

Thanks to David Boor for this amazing photo!

Of course there was even more excitement with our drivers and watching them climb up the grid. After the race it was celebration time, with the podium presentation being on the start finish line. It was a special moment for Team HARD here as Mike Epps was presented the Jack Sears Trophy.

With a podium position comes the champagne the fun part, it was nice sharing the enjoyment with the team. Once this was all over it was time to go home and just relax. It was such a lovely weekend with the team and I would like to just say a massive thank-you to everyone there.

Woow, I didn’t realise the post would be that long! Thanks for sticking with me and hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments if you have attended any motorsports events and your thoughts on them. I know there will be plenty more in the future for me, you can keep up to date on my Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.