Introduction to Aylesbury

I’ve always been very open about where I live, I’m sure if you’ve followed An Ocean Glimmer for a while, you’ll know EVERYTHING about Plymouth. There’s just soo much to show you and there’s always something new going on, which I love showing you guys. The scenery was something else, you’ll know this if you read my National Camera Day post. This is why I wanted to introduce you to where I’m living now, a small town called Aylesbury near London.

I don’t want to ramble too much here over why I moved, so you should definitely check out my previous post which explains all. But for now, let’s talk about Aylesbury, I’m currently living with my Uncle and Nan in their three bedroom house, along with the partner. It’s not 100% at the moment because my space doesn’t represent me! But I’ve only been living here just over a month, these things take time.

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Introduction to Silverstone Race Maker

I thought I would introduce you to one of my passions, as some of you know I am a massive fan of motorsports, mainly Formula 1 but also British Touring Car Championship and World Endurance Championship. Before 2014, I had never attended a motorsports championship at Silverstone, a circuit that I constantly drove past whenever I went to my uncle’s.

It wasn’t until I saw Silverstone advertising their Race Maker program that I thought, I should definitely apply for that! It would be a dream come true if I attended an event at Silverstone, I know I lived six hours away and couldn’t drive but I thought why not. You never know unless you apply. My mum threw all sorts of questions at me when I told her I wanted to apply, like how will you get there, where will you live?

I just replied saying, I might not even get it. When I received that email to say can I travel to Silverstone to have an interview, I was over the moon, straight away telling dad that he needs to take me to Silverstone. It also meant my first time visiting Silverstone would be with my dad, who also wanted to visit the circuit but never had free time with his job. Trying to drive from the main gate to the Wing took forever!

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Mercedes win Constructors’ Championship

Credit: Mercedes AMG PETRONAS

With four races left in the 2015 Formula 1 season, Mercedes have been crowned 2015 Constructors’ Champions following Lewis Hamilton’s victory in the Russian Grand Prix.

To win the Constructors’ Championship at Sochi, Mercedes had to score just three points more than Ferrari. With Nico Rosberg forced into retirement just seven laps into the race their chances of sealing the Championship would roll into the next race.

Sebastian Vettel finished the race second and Kimi Raikkonen fifth but after a last-lap collision caused by Raikkonen with Valtteri Bottas the stewards decided to hand Raikkonen a 30-second post race time penalty. Thus demoting the Finn from fifth to eighth.

2015 is the second year that Mercedes have sealed the teams’ title in Russia.

Formula 1 2016 Calendar

Formula 1
Credit: Sutton Motorsport Images

Earlier this year the FIA announced a 21 race calendar for the 2016 Formula 1 season. September saw the governing body revise this provisional schedule, with the season now starting in March and not April like previously indicated.

Provisional Calendar 2016:

March 20 – Australia
April 3 – Bahrain
April 17 – China
May 1 – Sochi
May 15 – Spain
May 29 – Monaco
June 12 – Canada
June 19 – Baku
July 3 – Austria
July 10 – Britain
July 24 – Hungary
July 31 – Germany
August 28 – Belgium
September 4 – Italy
September 18 – Singapore
October 2 – Malaysia
October 9 – Japan
October 23 – USA
November 6 – Mexico
November 13 – Brazil
November 27 – Abu Dhabi