My Favourite Moments Since Becoming a Blogger

As the day, month and year go by, we are creating memories and moments, I’m such a big advocate of creating moments to remember. It has become easier to create memories thanks to the digital change, I remember growing up and having to wait weeks until you could view the images you snapped. Now all smartphones are cable of showing the image instantly.

Today, I thought I would do a special post, I have been blogging since October 2013, meaning this year I will be celebrating six years of An Ocean Glimmer. I thought I would go back through the archive of An Ocean Glimmer and share with you a couple of my favourite moments since becoming a blogger. Now grab yourself a cuppa and a couple of snacks, this is going to be a long one!

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Monthly Favourites // February 2019

I can’t believe it’s March! Before we move forward to the new month though, now is a good time to reflect on the previous month and what happened. There is no better way of doing that than with my Monthly Favourites, it’s time to reflect on what happened in February. It’s incredible what you get up to in a month as well as the new products you are exposed to.

Missed my January Favourites? Head over here to see what I was loving
during the month.

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My Blogging Journey

There have been things that have been and gone in my life, but one thing that I’ve been consistent and proud of is my blogging journey. I can’t take credit for this post idea, Jenny in Neverland recently shared her blogging journey and I loved the idea of sharing how I started, my favourite moments and the future. Thank-you Jenny for sharing your journey! It was such an insightful post and I am so proud of everything you’ve achieved.

I started An Ocean Glimmer in October 2013, for college I had to create a blog to showcase my writing. As this was something I had to do, I never had the passion like I do now, I didn’t last long before stopping. When I was writing for The Checkered Flag I would share a mini blurb and direct traffic to The Checkered Flag. I didn’t restart An Ocean Glimmer probably until May 2016 with my very first post, Free Comic Book Day 2016.

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PROPERCORN is popcorn #doneproperly

I have got some very exciting news. Thanks to PROPERCORN, I received a cute treasure chest full of popcorn. I mean literally filled to the brim, I received four packets of each of the six flavours. I was so excited to receive this chest as I have yet to try a few of their flavours.

Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato

Now when I first heard about this flavour I wasn’t too sure, as I’m not a massive fan of Tomato. The flavouring is not as bad as it sounds but wow there is a pop with the Worcester Sauce though! Gives a fiery after taste. These are perfect for those of you who love a kick in your food.

Smooth Peanut & Almond

I really wanted to try this flavour as soon as I heard about them. Seeing them in the box I was really happy to try them. For me these taste a bit like Peanut Butter, something that I’m not much of a fan of. But I do like this. My biggest thing though was that there didn’t seem to taste much Almond.

Sweet Coconut & Vanilla

I have already reviewed this flavour on my blog when I attended the launch of the Holland & Barrett More store in Plymouth. This is probably my favourite flavour. I absolutely adore Coconut, what I love about the flavouring is that the Coconut is not overpowering. You are able to taste Vanilla and not just like every other kernel.


Lightly Sea Salted

I’m not really too sure on this particular flavouring as there doesn’t seem to be much there. I can only describe it as a bit dry, kinda like the popcorn I get using my machine at home. The flavouring doesn’t seem to be consistent with every kernel, one you’ll taste would be filled with Sea Salt with the next only lightly or maybe even none!

Sour Cream & Black Pepper

Now, to me I see this as an odd mixture for a flavour. I have never seen Sour Cream & Black Pepper before, normally it’s always Sour Cream & Chive so it’s nice to see another mixture. The Sour Cream adds a creamy taste with a kick from the Black Pepper, that for me is a bit too much.

Sweet & Salty

Sweet and Salty, the most original flavour out of all of them. It’s still not like the packet normal popcorn it has got something special to it which I enjoy. Along with Sweet Coconut and Vanilla this is probably my second favourite flavour. It’s just a simple flavour that works really well!

So that’s all guys, hope I have made you a bit hungry! Let me know in the comments you favourite popcorn flavour. If you haven’t tried PROPERCORN I would seriously recommend them. Would like to say a massive thank-you to PROPERCORN for sending me these, I am in love.


Holland & Barrett exclusive goodie bag

When I attended the launch of the Holland & Barrett More store in Plymouth, I received a cute little goodie bag. In the bag there were a variety of different items that they sell in the store. The theme of the bag was coconut which might not be to everyone’s taste but was definitely to mine. Everything inside was made from coconut in different ways.

There was a big bag of Sweet Coconut & Vanilla flavoured PROPERCORN, it was nice to see a big packet as I just love their popcorn. There’s such a nice taste to it, I really enjoy eating them and if I had a choice over a supermarket’s own popcorn and this. I would definitely go with Propercorn. The taste of Vanilla does not over power the taste of Coconut which is nice as sometimes when there is meant to be two flavours you can only taste one.

It’s not just the taste that’s good, it’s also the fact that it’s gluten and wheat free. They are also suitable for vegetarians. The packaging is very appealing and it stands out, whatever the flavouring is there are illustrations on the front to go with it. For each of the flavours there are different colour schemes, which relates in some ways to the flavouring.

From Coconut Merchant there was a bag of Coconut Chips, I wasn’t too sure about these but once I opened them up and tried some, they weren’t actually that bad. They come in all different sizes which shows just how natural they are. They also advertise that their products don’t include any preservatives or artificial flavours. So you know what you’re eating here is a coconut rather than something they’ve created to taste like a coconut.

It’s in a cute resealable packet which is perfect for travelling or just a light snack throughout the day. For me, I couldn’t eat the whole packet within a first sitting so I do like the fact that it is a resealable packet. It’s great to just stick in the cupboard and not worry about them loosing their flavour. As long as you remember to reseal it probably!

While I was wondering around the store, I came across Bounce Energy Balls cute little protein balls that come in a variety of different flavours. I was pleased to see one of these in the goody bag as it’s always nice to try something different. The flavour I received was Coconut Lemon, now I’m not really a massive fan of Lemon but I thought I would give it a try.

I didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would and I believe this is mostly because the lemon flavouring is quite overpowering. There’s a nice smell of coconut when you open it up and when you first bit into it, the coconut flavour is nice. But then you get the strong after taste of lemon though and it just wasn’t nice for me.


There was more than just food related products in the goody bag. There was a massive jar of Coconut Oil from Perfectly Pure. which along with being good for cooking, can also be used as a moisturiser. To me this seems a little odd as it is labelled as Coconut Oil on the front, but once you read the directions, it is possible to use it as a moisturiser.

I have yet to try it for myself but looking around, I have read that the oil is quite good for your skin and hair. Including dry skin, something that I do suffer from. Also it’s apparently good for your hair as it gives your hair a shiny quality.

The last product that was supplied was a lip balm from Dr. Organic, a product on their Bioactive Skincare range. This is a cute lip balm that includes coconut oil, it is small enough that it’s a perfect size to put into your handbag. When you twist it up you can smell the coconut flavouring, it’s just perfect.

It’s not a wet lip balm that you sometimes find, where you can add too much if you’re not careful. It’s just the right consistency to add to your lips. The oil is said to improve hydration, firmness and tone.

So that’s it for the products included within the goodie bag! If you wish to try out any of these products for yourself, or different flavours. Why not head over to your nearest Holland & Barrett! Would like to say a massive thank you to Holland & Barrett More store in Plymouth for inviting me along to their launch and for the goodie bag.