Introduction to: LoveCases

I hope you are all doing well. Happy Summer! I hope you’ve had a great start to Summer. We’ve been treated with this lovely weather. Today I wanted to introduce you to LoveCases, a phone accessories brand. It was that time of year to upgrade my phone! Who doesn’t love new things? When the Samsung Galaxy S20 was first announced, I fell in love and could not wait until upgrade time. No surprise really, I adore Samsung, I have the whole collection now – Samsung Galaxy Buds and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Well that came around and I was soon upgrading my phone, in turn that meant I needed a new phone case. I love bringing my personality out in my phone case, I can look for hours trying to find one! I’m so specific when it comes to phone cases, nothing too big or colourful, really just simple will do. Also I adore the Cloud Blue colour so I have to keep that on display. I was shopping around online and came across LoveCases, I fell in love all over again.

Some of these cases are gorgeous and they even cater for most phone brands, I was actually shocked with the choice on offer! I’m not sure if all phones can be found on LoveCases but if you’re looking for a new phone case, you should definitely check them out. Their selection is also pretty impressive! I fell in love with so many different cases, it was a little hard to chose. I feel there’s something for everyone there, the range is definitely a good one.

I was on the website for just a little bit! It was really hard in the end to chose just one, so um I walked away with ordering three… oops! What? I had to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer! It did take me a little while to chose, do I have that phone case? Or that phone case? It’s been a while since I took this long and fell in love with a range of cases. I definitely know where to go in the future! Also the phone cases are really good value at £8 each, I was able to get three for £16, a right bargain when I was looking at over £20 for just one.

Now, do you want to see what phone cases I picked up?

White Stars & Moons Clear Phone Case

White Leopard Print Clear Phone Case

White Cloudy Clear Phone Case

They’re all so beautiful aren’t they!? You can see why it took me forever to chose, also the Cloud Blue colour on the Samsung Galaxy S20 suits these types of cases so well. I really love it, also with the White Cloudy Clear Phone Case it really suits it. It actually looks like the sky! Another reason for choosing three is so I can interchange them and have a spare just in case. You never know what could happen. Also at the moment this is more important than ever, least I can change them over and make sure they’re cleaned properly.

I’m definitely going to bear this brand in mind in the future! It will be great to see what cases they bring out. Also they’re slowly starting to branch out to other accessories, including Phone Loops, Popsockets and even AirPod cases, these can all match your phone case as well. There’s also a small range of cases that can even be personalised, whether that’s your full name or just the initials! You could really treat yourself here and have a great selection of accessories for your phone.

I hope you have enjoyed this little review! Have you heard of LoveCases before?

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Love Gemma x

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds

It’s no surprise that I LOVE Samsung. If you don’t know that, then where have you been! Other people love Apple but I’m the opposite with Samsung. I don’t own anything Apple, apart from ‘borrowing’ if you can call it that, the Apple MacBook Air from work. Don’t get me wrong, I love their laptops but it’s just something about their phones.

In my Samsung collection, I have the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Watch and, what I’ll be reviewing today, Galaxy Buds. I didn’t even realise Galaxy Buds were a thing until Yasmine purchased them for herself, she told me how good they were so I just had to get my hands on them as well! That’s why she purchased them for me as a Birthday/Christmas present.

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Technology has become a massive part of our everyday lives. We’re all wanting to create a smart environment. From being able to turn on our heating with a touch of a button on our phone and with voice control, enable Spotify to play our favourite song. Today I wanted to chat about my experience just over six months in to using the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

I have wanted a smart watch for a little while, I previously had a Sony Smart Watch, but unfortunately, that didn’t last long. Also it was bulky and didn’t really look like a watch. As a lover on Samsung and Android, it was no wonder I picked up the Galaxy Watch, it connects easily to my phone and in Rose Gold, looks pretty good. I couldn’t say no to Rose Gold!

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What’s in my backpack // Autumn Edition

I adore checking out what’s inside people’s bag, in my time as a blogger I have never shared what’s in my own bag. I thought with the new season I should share something new! I always take a bag with me whenever I go out, whether that’s a small clutch bag or a backpack. I’m always changing up my bag but thankfully recently I’ve stuck with a leather backpack. Brown is normally not my colour but I fell in love.

I have found that it still goes with most of my outfits. It’s quite a small backpack but it fits everything perfectly and really, I don’t take that much out with me. A lot of the things I have within my bag, don’t really change season to season if I’m honest. I always try to keep myself prepared for anything, I try and have the essentials with me as you never know when you’ll need them!

Here’s what’s in my bag for autumn time.

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Monthly Goals // June 2018

Can you believe that it’s already the first week of June? Time seems to be going very quickly at the moment, I even keep forgetting what day it is! I think that’s what happens when you keep yourself busy, I don’t know about you but I love keeping myself busy and during the Summer you’re busy every single weekend. Another thing that comes with a new month is setting yourself some new Goals or you can even continue your old ones if you’ve yet to achieve them!

Today I will be reflecting on the Goals I set myself for May and creating some new ones for June. I always try to set Goals that reflect on what I plan to do during the month as well as little Goals to achieve bigger Goals. Some things you want to achieve in life don’t happen overnight! May has definitely been a great month and things are starting to pick up, there’s been a range of things I have loved over the course of the month. You can learn about all of those here.

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